Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Raw Food Revolution

Hey there faithful blog readers.

I was quite skeptical about sharing my new life online, because once it's out there, it's out there, and you can't take it back. But I made a life change about a month ago, and I wasn't sure that I could even follow through. However, now that it has been a whole month, I have more faith in myself that I may actually be able to pull this off.

After many years of considering a diet change, I finally took the plunge, and have been on a raw food vegan diet. Crazy, right? I know it is. I was the one person who knew how incredibly crazy it was. I had way too many things hanging over my head that I just couldn't shake. Cancer and diabetes being foremost on my mind. My world was falling apart in many ways.

I had always hoped that by the time I got cancer, there would be a cure for it, but we are all becoming more aware that that will never happen. The cancer industry is just that; an industry. It's making money and not making cures. Not to mention the fundamental flaw in my perspective. My thought process was "when" I get cancer. Not very optimistic is it. I tried to be healthy in hopes I could push it out to later in life (my mother died of breast cancer at age 30). And if it wasn't cancer, it would be diabetes. 1 in 3 Americans will get Type II diabetes, and that number is rising. I realized that I felt like there was no hope. Even if I were lucky enough to not get cancer, then Ricky would.

We can't escape it in this country. We hear that tomatoes fight cancer, so we eat more tomatoes, but then we learn that tomatoes grown with pesticides cause cancer, so we buy organic tomatoes, but then we learn that only cooked organic tomatoes fight cancer, so we eat only cooked organic tomatoes, but then we learn that the cans they have been stored in have BPA which cause cancer, so basically, you can't win. No matter how hard we try, we can't escape the cancer epidemic. We step back and realize that despite our best efforts, there is always something that they claim will cause cancer. After awhile, you come to the worst conclusion of all; we don't know anything about what causes cancer. I didn't believe any studies or articles or claims anymore. I felt more and more in despair, that I should just live and let live and whatever happens happens.

Then one day, I had had enough of my pessimistic "I'll-just-have-faith" bullshit approach. If there was something I could do, then I should just do it! It only seemed crazy to take a drastic approach because no one else wants to be drastic. But let's consider again how crazy the American perspective is. Most of us think that we'll just eat whatever we want. If we get high blood pressure, there's medication for that. If we get heart disease, there's medication for that. If we get diabetes, there's medication for that. If we get cancer, there's medication for that. More people are surviving cancer than ever before, so they say... But more people than ever before are also getting heart bypass surgery, and taking those medications than ever before. Some might say that taking a vein from your leg and putting in your heart and opening up your chest would be drastic. Do you think that's a bit drastic? Some might think that removing your breasts is a bit drastic. Do you think that's drastic? OR, I could only eat things that I know are the best fuel for my body. Is that more drastic?

So with support from Ricky, I began to eat only fully raw mostly organic produce. Nothing else. No oil, no salt, no wheat, no meat, and no cheese. It's been one month, and I feel great about what I am doing for my body. In just one month's time, I am no longer afraid of those diseases. They are not hanging over my head. I crave good food. I don't need all those foods that I though I needed before. My family is eating healthier too. They are not on quite as drastic regiment as I am... yet, but they are eating more fruits and vegetables.

Of course, I haven't been perfect. I suppose my goal is to eat 99% fully raw, and this month I could say was close to 90% fully raw. Pretty good, huh? Considering I went on vacation and still have a family eating a mostly normal American diet. So now here I am, out in the open with my secret life I've been living. There will be more to tell in the coming months, I hope. Since living this way for a month, I now know that I can live this way. I am learning a lot and still adjusting to the lifestyle, but it will be something worth keeping up.