Thursday, April 11, 2013

The last year in pictures

Taylor asks to wear Mommy's bra.

Taylor is so motherly. Here she is putting the cat, Bailey, to bed with her doll blanket.

This is Judah's first day of preschool with Miss Lauren.

Judah and Taylor love swinging together all year long.

This is a shot with all the cousins Easter 2012. Kids name's from left to right: Conner, Lilyana, Emmett, Judah, and Taylor.

Halloween 2012. Judah is a fighter pilot and Taylor is Cinderella.

We threw a harvest party in 2012. This shot is of Grandma JoAnn reading the kids a book. Kids name's from left to right: Emmett, Lilyana, Judah, Taylor, and Conner. 

First time all four of us went to the Puyallup Fair together.

Matching tattoos from the fire station at the Puyallup Fair.

Any resemblance?

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