Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Burglaries, Brothers, and Belly Fat

We have been having some crazy things going on lately. I need to type some of them out before I forget forever. Last Sunday, we had a burglary at our house. It wasn't too bad, seeing as we didn't even notice for quite some time. We were at church and then a birthday party for a few hours, and when we came home, we put the kids down for a nap, and laid down ourselves. All of our dresser drawers were open, and Ricky and I both said, "Oh, kids," and didn't think anything else about it. About and hour later, Ricky noticed the cupboards open in our bathroom and he thought that was fishy. The kids don't usually mess around in there. He headed straight downstairs and noticed immediately that the Xbox was gone. The sliding door was open, and so was the office window. Drat.
Overall, they didn't take much. My broken IPhone, the Xbox, and my jewelry box (filled with nothing) and some other odds and ends, but a fairly stupid criminal to say the least. It sucks to be robbed, but it's also somewhat of a comfort to see that we weren't profiled or anything. Just some dumb kid looking to make some money. As long as my kids are safe, they can take as much crap as they want.

Beyond that, I have been having an emotionally charged few months, although no one would really know it. If you were to read my emotions like a book, you would say I needed antidepressants, but that's just a non answer that our culture has trained us to accept. What I really need is some living water. The kind that Jesus offered to the Samaritan woman at the well. When you are living in the desert, all you want is some cool fresh water to jump into, and it's hard when there's no water anywhere. All I can do is to walk the Sahara.

But after this burglary, I realized that I am on the right track. I didn't care about any of the stuff, and that's as it should be. I was more anoyed than anything else, and all I could think about was the criminal. If they needed money, I would have given them some, but instead they have to stand before God and tell Him why they thought they were justified stealing things. It hurts me. That's a good Christ-like reaction, right? Maybe I'll be ok after all.

To catch up on other events as well, my older brother is trekking across the US for the next few weeks. He is no longer a service member, and he'll be staying with us for a bit once he's back in Seattle. He'll be looking for a job and an apartment I'm sure once he's all settled in. I am really happy to have him back in town. Ricky and I both really enjoyed him during Christmas, and he was great to have around. He's so much different from the brother that left here many years ago. He feels like an actual brother now, and I'll be excited to not be the only sibling in the area. Now all we have to do is convince the younger brother to come back.

Needless to say, Judah is also very excited with the prospect of Uncle Jonny living with us again. He talks about his uncle all the time. Judah is very sensitive to things outside his immediate environment. Most children I know (even older ones) can't think much more than a few hours into the future. Judah seems to grasp the ideas of weeks. He's always asking me questions about his friends at music time (a mommy group I go to once a month) or "what are papa and grandma doing today?" It shows that he thinks about others even when they are not around! Although, he takes plenty of time to think about himself as well.

Taylor is talking more and more. She'll often repeat what you say, or a part of what you say, and says statements several words long, but only the ones that are frequent and short. Like, "There you go," and, "there it is," and "lay down," and other things of that nature. Not that she actually took two words and put them together on her own. We are relieved to see some personality coming out of her. She enjoys being silly and laughing at herself, and she can sit and color for almost 3 minutes straight! (An improvment by her standards.) She is even learning the fine art of flattery. She's growing up.

While my kids are growing so much, I forget that I am also growing. I will be 25 years old this month. It's not old, but it's a sort of milestone I suppose, and it makes me wonder if the next milestone will come that quickly. (I suppose it will.) I never really think of myself in a perspective of age. Generally, I make assumptions about myself based on my period of life. Having two children and being a stay at home mother makes me feel more "mature" than I actually am. Most women are 10 years behind me on that, so I get caught in a precipice between the sort of friends I want, and the sort of friends I have. Most of the friends I want are younger, and kidless, and spontaneous, (the sort that don't want a friend like me) but the friends I have are older moms with careers and who don't have much fun. These are the sort that I don't get along with very well, or more precisely, who I force myself to get along with.

It doesn't help that I am not your average woman in the interests I carry. I have never really liked having lots of girlfriends. So when sitting in a room with a bunch of moms that are older than me who are talking about coupons and belly fat and how much their husband bothers them about sex, I just can't relate to any of them. I do get the feeling that this won't be lasting for long. I'm either going to cave and become that kind of mom, or the friends I want will finally start catching up to me. My kids will be older than their kids, but I don't care. Not to mention, Judah starts preschool this year, and that will be an avenue to lots more parent connections.

Sigh. If only Hawaii flights were cheaper.