Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All Inclusive Gift

Well, Ricky has done it again. What a ninny muggins.

After an entire year of disagreement, Ricky finally convinced me that I did not need an espresso machine. I had wanted one for awhile, but I knew they were expensive, so it was a constantly torn about what to do. Luke, my little bro, introduced me to Starbucks VIA (instant coffee) and it was pretty good. Ricky gently told me that I should be happy with that, and that an espresso machine was unnecessary. So I let it go and resolved to be happy without one, for I didn't really need one. I began to enjoy my VIA in the morning, and I even took up tea again. We both spent lots of money on high quality fair trade teas. I mostly stopped drinking coffee altogether.


On Christmas morning, what did I get? An espresso machine... from RICKY! Ricky's one year worth of work trying to convince me that espresso machines were silly and pointless and unnecessary, and now I had to find a place for one in my kitchen. I was undecided of how I felt about it. I would think it was a stupid gift (again, Ricky convinced me of this), however, it did feel nice to have one, but I also felt like a snob for having one. So much money for something I had spent a year letting go of. I didn't really let myself get excited. I stayed unemotional about it, because I didn't know how to feel.

As a month went by, the machine wasn't really working too well. It worked as well as can be expected, but my dad bought me some really nice coffee beans that were spectacular. I was getting the hang of it, and even Ricky was drinking coffee! This was a major plus one for me. I realized that I needed to accept the machine, because who knows when I would get another chance to have one. Most other women would be so envious of me, so I needed to be grateful. Of course, as I was drawing this conclusion, the machine was also getting on my nerves. It was unreliable and I could never replicate a shot. Sometimes it worked well, and sometimes it didn't.

Ricky did some research and decided to upgrade. He bought another espresso machine that was worth 3x the cost of the first! We would return the first and be owners of one of the best espresso machines available to non cafe owners. Talk about overkill. We could buy a new refrigerator for that much money!! (or a new stove). Ninny muggins. The new machine works well, although I still have some more experimenting to do to learn the machine. I have finally allowed myself to be happy about it. It really is a great gift and something that I've wanted for many years. I got a Christmas, anniversary, Valentine's, and birthday present all in one. In fact, it might apply to next Christmas as well. :)

So who wants espresso?