Tuesday, October 11, 2011

American Media Shoots for the Stars

Every time I turn on the news, I get frustrated with the obvious lack of apathy in our country. Perhaps apathy is not the correct word; it's more misplaced priorities shared by everyone. The news reports what people want to see, and what people what to see, apparently, is frivolous nothings about frivolous people who amount to frivolous nothings.

I try to keep faith in Americans, in hopes that they're not all that stupid, but I feel the boards are rotting underneath. I make feeble attempts to stay up to date on world events. Most of what I gather comes from my husband, but it's not much and only enough to get by, not really enough to postulate my own opinion on the matter. The euro is collapsing which has a global impact, but there is never anything on the news about it. They probably wouldn't want to scare anyone. Even when I search for articles online, there's not a whole lot, or they are short and share no information sources. Isn't it sad that most of the world news I hear today comes from The 700 Club?!

When I flipped through the news this afternoon, I had a few options of news stories.
Option 1: Micheal Jackson's murder trial
Option 2: Micheal Jackson's murder trial
Option 3: Romney mad at pastor who called Mormonism a "cult"
Option 4: Amanda Knox- the untold story
Option 5: Micheal Jackson's murder trial
Option 6: Amanda Knox is glad to be home (duh!)
Then I stopped flipping channels.

This happens to me quite often. In my attempt to be hopeful that not everyone is that stupid, I hope that the news plays these worthless stories during the day when the viewership is the lowest. If I had more time in the evening to watch the news, maybe I wouldn't have this frustration. It doesn't seem that company execs go home and flip on the boob tube to catch up on Micheal Jackson (who is long dead) and the Twilight Saga cast. During the most hopeful times when there is a valuable story on, it only takes up a few minutes of air time. I'm left thinking hey, don't you think we should all care more about the government cutting the military budget!? Is that not impactful in my life!?! Nope, just Micheal Jackson.

It doesn't help that I don't even trust the media. I may watch something that interests me, like the euro collapse, or how Obama's job bill will fail, but I don't even believe what I watch most of the time. I learn more from Seinfeld reruns.

So I guess I'll stick with what my husband hears at the water cooler. Thanks, America. You've made me proud.

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