Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Judah Tried to Write His Name

Pre-preschool has started up this month. Janine organizes a group of moms to bring their 3-4 year olds to a co-op pre-preschool of sorts. It's a lot of fun for Judah. He always enjoys it, and it's helping him learn to interact constructively with other children.
Some of the kids can already write their names, or at least part of it, and so Judah asked to learn to write his own name. I have tried before in the past, but it was clear that he was not ready to write/draw so precisely. We are still not sure if he's right or left handed. So I put it on the shelf and figured I'd try again later. Well, today we tried again, and it ended up with poor Judah in tears. I wasn't pushing or anything, but he just didn't want me to let go of his hand. I guided his hand the first few times, and then told him to try himself, and he just cried saying that he needed help. He can barely hold a pencil, so I drew him a picture and told him to color that instead. I suppose he probably doesn't even color enough to be comfortable holding a pencil. I'll try to make him color everyday in hopes that he'll develop more on his own, and then we can try to write again once he's mastered his pencil holding technique.
I just couldn't believe how he was already sensing his own failure. He knew he wasn't making the letters right, and he just couldn't handle it. I tried to encourage him by telling him that it takes a long time to learn how to write your name, and that everyone has to practice A LOT. It helped a little bit. It didn't help that Taylor kept getting in Judah's way trying to grab his paper and pencils. I would take things away from her and say "no, no," and I was getting pretty frustrated at her, so maybe Judah was picking up on that frustration. I used to do more organized crafts and things with Judah before Taylor was born and when she still had a morning nap, but now it's too hard, so Judah has been neglected in this area. Taylor just demands too much attention from me. Grrr.

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