Friday, July 29, 2011

This summer has been pretty full, but not in a busy sort of way. Ricky and I have been doing lots of things with the kids, and visiting family, and having a great time.

The weather hasn't been - great, but we have had many nice weekends. We've been spending that time taking trips to Chehalis to see Ricky's grandparents, and flying RC airplanes at the park. Judah got a new swingset for his birthday which Papa James built for him, so we have been outside swinging and playing every day that we are able.

We finally met some of the neighbor kids. They are mostly older, but there is one four year old girl. She and her older brother apparently have younger siblings as well (!!!) but I can see that they are never outside. Regardless, this new aspect of the neighborhood is encouraging and I hope that Judah will enjoy playing outside with the kids. It's my hope that he'll look forward to playing with and seeing other kids consistently. It's also my hope that I'll be able to meet some of the parents soon and reach out a bit for playdates and so on.

Taylor is almost walking. She takes a few more steps every day but is still not officially walking yet. It shouldn't be much longer now, and I look forward to her becoming more independent. The last few weeks she has been more independent to the point where I can breathe a little. She's just been glued to my hip since she was born (and before she was born) and if I wasn't holding her, she was crying. But she's not where I want her yet, but we're hoping that she'll continue to grow outward with exploration and self dependence. *fingers crossed*