Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good Days and Bad Days

Taylor is on a never ending roller coaster. Some days she seems to be fine. She'll smile and play and explore, and other days, she just whines all day. All. Day. Long.

It puts me on a roller coaster too! I'll think, "Oh, she's so cute. Aw, look how she's pretending to talk on the phone." But then she goes right back to driving me insane! I mean, for crying out loud! Can't I get some consistency! It makes me feel flustered and frustrated and impatient. I still don't understand her.

Ricky will come home on a good day, and I am happy to make dinner and chat, maybe go out for a bit. But he'll tell you, sometimes he comes home and I don't even want to talk. I wrap myself up in making the grocery list and try to tune out the world. I feel bipolar! Taylor either makes my day great, or she makes it miserable. Unfortunately, it's more often miserable. The grandparents and everyone say that she's a good baby, which is true for them. Whenever I am in the room is when she goes balistic. It might be time for some tough love. Or tough discipline. I can't take it much longer!

Or maybe I'll just put her in daycare. :)

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