Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh Yeah, I Have A Blog!

I chatted with my older brother today, and he mentioned that he was thinking about starting a blog. A light went on, and I realized I had not even thought about my blog since the last entry. Usually, I at least think about it, but just don't have time to sit and scrounge together a post, but this - this was different. I could have forgotten about my blog for several more months.

Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe it means that there are more meaningful things happening in my life. Maybe it means that I don't need this as an outlet anymore. Or maybe, just maybe, it means that my memory is just getting worse. Eh, regardless, I'll post this update while the kids are still asleep.

Speaking of a meaningful life, I would have to say that I have been feeling that way a bit. Thanks to a new close friend, I have been busy looking outside myself. I've had more social time, which always renews my vigor. I'm volunteering in nursery again, I've been out with friends more often, and helping friends and relatives move and paint and babysit. It's really been a full month- and a month where I wasn't constantly playing catch up, despite 2 more rounds of colds.

I never stopped wiping noses and taking temperatures since my last entry, but Ricky and I have had several dates and done many fun things. We went shooting one Saturday, and I finally got over my fear. I went to tea with some friends and had some really great conversation. James has been in and out of the hospital with a good report, and I'm hosting pre-preschool this month! I've been getting much better at getting out with both kids, so it's not always so intimidating.

Taylor is still- well, being herself. Always grumpy. Always needy. Always clingy. Not crawling or doing anything cute. I'm just keeping her alive for the time being until I have that "Aha!" moment. Judah has clearly entered the terrible two's, now that he's nearly 3. He's shown more defiance in the last month than his entire toddlerhood combined, and he's not showing signs of backing down. I hope he'll have a turn around once he's not ill all the time.

Ricky and I are planning a trip to Kauai in June. We are so excited. Neither of us have ever been before, and we're going alone. No kids. No work. Just us. But before that, I have to plan Taylor's first birthday party, and save some cash.