Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kids Growing Up

It seems a bit of a quiet morning. Both kids slept until 8am. Taylor was in a good mood while I made her bottle. She will often scream while she's waiting for me to finish, as if I am not already going as fast as I can. After daddy left for work, both kids ate and played well. Then Taylor went down for a nap quietly. She didn't scream or beg me not to leave. She just- went to sleep.

And now Judah is sitting on the couch watching Sesame Street while I get some time to myself. I am listening to a podcast from The City Church, seeing as I have not been to a church service , or more accurately, a teaching, in at least a month. Not on purpose of course. As usual, I should be accomplishing something important, like cleaning the kitchen, or catching up on my photo albums, or showering. (Haha!) But I am enjoying relaxing and listening to some good Word.

Life has been good. Mostly. I still struggle with fatigue more than I'd like. I just want to stop needing a nap. I have been trying to get some exercise in during the day with some short workout routines. Those do make me feel better- sometimes. Judah is beginning to push his boundaries again. We had some rough spots with his behavior a few months back, which have now resurfaced. He doesn't want to do almost anything we tell him simply because we told him. Ah, such is life with a toddler. Good news is that he accepts correction graciously. He doesn't refuse to ask forgiveness or to go to his room. Not that he likes it, but he never becomes uncontrollable.

He is also in the midst of potty training. He wears underwear almost all day (besides naps and bedtime) but still will not ask to go potty. I just need to remember to take him every 1-2 hours, which is hard for me. I keep him in a diaper on days when I'm tired just so I don't have to worry about it.

Taylor isn't doing anything new, although she did get another tooth on the top row. We have a friend living with us as of a few days ago. That is going well. So far there have been no problems, and we don't expect any I suppose. We are keeping busy with the kids, and Ricky and I are having regular date nights now. That has been more needed than I realized. All in all, we are all doing well together.