Thursday, January 13, 2011

Taylor's Finally Growing Up

Ricky's last post was November 9th, so I suppose I shouldn't feel so bad about being a lame blogger. It's unnecessary guilt anyway!

So Judah is hammering the office chair in an attempt to "fix the spaceship." I love to see him using his imagination like that. He's a well rounded kid who likes to play and read. I felt guilty letting him watch so much TV while I was pregnant with Taylor, and then the first few months with the baby. But it clearly did not damage his development or capacity to create. He's asking me if I am an astronaut, and the answer, of course, is YES!
Taylor is finally sitting up by herself! It has been a huge relief to me to have her play on her own. Judah has also taken an interest in playing with her more, now that she's not lying on the ground. She'll grab toys and shake them, and laugh and smile at Judah. The sibling bonding can finally begin. I can wash some dishes, or check my email, or have a few minutes to myself while they sit and play. Judah is such a good big brother to his sister, and asks to sit with her often.
It reminds me of when I was little. My older brother, Jonathan, and I would climb into our younger brother Luke's crib. We would wind up the mobile for him and give him his nookie (pacifier) and have a great time being together. Too bad those feeling don't last into junior high. :) I hope to see Judah and Taylor getting along more and more. I anticipate when she'll be able to walk and run around the yard with him. Those will be good times for all.
Even further in the future, I can see them playing pranks on Ricky and I, or begging to go to the grandparents because they know they can stay up late. They'll plot and come up with mischievous plans to get out of eating their broccoli. Too bad parents know every trick in the book. I wish someone had told me that when I was little. Ricky and I will laugh at some things Judah says or excuses he gives that are off the wall ridiculous, but sometimes we let him get away with it, because we remember being in his position.
Ah, growing up. It's too much fun.

Friday, January 7, 2011


I've been reading over many of my old posts, and many of them were so insightful and meaningful. Geez, what's happened to my brain?

I guess that's what happens when you watch kids for a living. :)

It shows that I clearly need something more. Perhaps I should start listening to talk radio again. Ricky sent me a link to a learning website some time ago, and it was really cool, but there's the issue of time. It seems that time is always getting away from me. There's not even enough time during the week to complete all the laundry, let alone trying to LEARN something.

I have been trying to stop using filler words in my speech. Er, um, ah, like, and so forth, and that itself has been a disaster. I'll try to explain something to Ricky, and it takes forever. I speak slowly as I try to put everything together in my head. I explain unnecessary details and am at a huge loss for vocabulary. I'll describe an event at great lengths when it could have been summed up in a few sentences.

Most of the friends that I am around have their own kids, and so we just talk about the kids the whole time. I have no idea what's going on in the world. I have no opinions to research and form. I have no clue what's going on in this country. I am just "out of it."

I have to start somewhere I suppose. I have to keep trying at an attempt to improve. I hope I don't stay stupid for much longer.