Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HO HO HO *<[:{)

I am sitting in the office, listening to Josh Groban's Christmas album for the first time this season. Judah is in the playroom knocking down bowling pins and laughing at himself. I can tell that things are going to get a lot better around here in the next few weeks.

Not that they were particularly bad before, but let me explain why they will be better. I have been nothing but exhausted since the baby was born. The hormones it takes to breastfeed a baby really hit me hard and I have little to no energy. I have been trying to get Taylor to take a bottle for the last several months, which has been a huge battle. I still planned on breastfeeding her up to the 6 month mark, but for babysitting reasons, and weaning reasons, she needed to be able to take a bottle. She has been beyond stubborn about it. Finally, a few days ago, she finally gave in and began drinking from a bottle for 2-3 feedings a day.

This is epic! So now the weaning process can begin. I was afraid that I may be stuck breastfeeding for a much longer time which was a bleak outlook on the coming months. With any luck, she may be weaned by Christmas. *fingers crossed*

She has really blossomed the last few weeks as well. She will actually let other people hold her! and she is finally starting to play a little bit. She doesn't sit up yet, but she will sit in her highchair and push her toys around. She is becoming a little person finally.

I have just been carrying her around for the last 6 months, so seeing some personality is refreshing to Ricky and I both. It looks that we may quickly begin to like her.

So here's to Christmas and Christmas miracles!

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