Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Catch-Up

Ricky and I are both blogging failures.

That's what happens when your life is a whirlwind of children I suppose. I am taking time to blog now because Ricky is graciously watching the children all day while I am "resting." After all the Christmas dinners and cookies and stress, I am doing a short fast. The goal here is to restart my system to be more balanced. I've been hanging on by a thread. It's clear my body needs to catch up a little, and rest.

So this Christmas was really incredible. Judah is old enough to understand the idea of gifts and how to open them. He had such a great time! I started putting things in his stocking a week or so before the big day, and Ricky would tell Judah that we were waiting for Christmas morning! Judah would feel the stocking and giggle. He helped me decorate the Christmas tree and put out the nativity set. I am starting to indoctrinate him at an early age towards the awesomeness of Christmas.

Judah, being so social, loved every Christmas party. On the 23rd, we had Christmas with the "Buck" family at my parents house. My Grandpa Harvey always goes all out for Christmas. Regina, his wife, made a delicious dinner as well. Taylor was also very happy for her grandparents and some real bonding took place.

On the 24th, we did Christmas at my Aunt Chau's house. There was tri-tip and egg rolls and rice. For the gift exchange, Ricky stole a Starbucks card for me (what a sweet guy) and Jonathan got a shake weight. :) We left the party a little early to go see Trista in the Christmas Eve production at church. It was a lot of fun, and both kids were enthralled with the stage being lit up and the music. Judah clapped his hands to all the songs, and called for Auntie Trista. Taylor bounced the whole time.

Christmas morning was at our house this year! We had both Ricky's family, and my family over for breakfast, stockings, and gifts. It was such a blast and pretty much everybody got great gifts. Afterwards, we watched "Pure Luck" which was Luke's Christmas gift. We all had a great time and everyone felt that it was a really great Christmas.

I'm really happy to have such a great family. Christmas is the best time of year! What more could we expect to celebrate the birth of Christ!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HO HO HO *<[:{)

I am sitting in the office, listening to Josh Groban's Christmas album for the first time this season. Judah is in the playroom knocking down bowling pins and laughing at himself. I can tell that things are going to get a lot better around here in the next few weeks.

Not that they were particularly bad before, but let me explain why they will be better. I have been nothing but exhausted since the baby was born. The hormones it takes to breastfeed a baby really hit me hard and I have little to no energy. I have been trying to get Taylor to take a bottle for the last several months, which has been a huge battle. I still planned on breastfeeding her up to the 6 month mark, but for babysitting reasons, and weaning reasons, she needed to be able to take a bottle. She has been beyond stubborn about it. Finally, a few days ago, she finally gave in and began drinking from a bottle for 2-3 feedings a day.

This is epic! So now the weaning process can begin. I was afraid that I may be stuck breastfeeding for a much longer time which was a bleak outlook on the coming months. With any luck, she may be weaned by Christmas. *fingers crossed*

She has really blossomed the last few weeks as well. She will actually let other people hold her! and she is finally starting to play a little bit. She doesn't sit up yet, but she will sit in her highchair and push her toys around. She is becoming a little person finally.

I have just been carrying her around for the last 6 months, so seeing some personality is refreshing to Ricky and I both. It looks that we may quickly begin to like her.

So here's to Christmas and Christmas miracles!