Friday, November 19, 2010

Quieter Time

I am looking forward to some quieter time this evening. I say "quieter" because it won't be completely quiet. My parents are taking Judah for the weekend, so Ricky and I can just relax. My dad asked if we had big plans, but our plans are to not have plans. We will still have the baby since she is such a baby. She still won't take a bottle, so we are stuck with her until she is weaned. It will be just us and the baby.

It's funny that I call her "the baby." I think I use that term more than her actual name. I am so frazzled all week that I don't ever get to just enjoy her and learn about her personality, so most of the time, she just feels like a baby rather than my daughter.

I went out to the mall with my grandma today, and she just loved playing with Taylor and bouncing her, and it reminded me of when Judah loved to be bounced. But I loved doing that with him, and have never stopped to enjoy that with her. Perhaps some time alone will help that, without Judah needing so much playtime. He is such a good kid, but he just needs constant attention.

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