Saturday, October 9, 2010

Judah's First Sleepover

Well, it wasn't an official sleepover, but it was close. My cousins David and Janine came over for dinner along with their two children, Emmett (10 mo) and Lilyana (2 and a half years). Lilyana and Judah have become good friends recently. We all had dinner together, and once bedtime came along, we had to decide sleeping arrangements for the kids. We were lacking an extra bedroom for the occasion, so we opted to "try" and put the toddlers in a room together. It was the best AND worst decision we could make.

We have a bunk bed in Judah's room, but the top bunk is unusable right now due to a lack of a bed rail. Lilyana was content to sleep on the floor (what a trooper). We tucked Judah into his bed, with Lilyana on the floor and said our prayers. It only took Judah another minute to decide sleeping on the floor was clearly the better option, so we put him on the floor as well.

We adults took our leave and shut the door. Things seemed to be going well as we weren't hearing any noise, but about a half hour later, I heard Judah talking. I tried to slowly open the door, but there were two toddlers in the way. They were reading a book by the thin beam of light under the door. SO CUTE! My heart strings were being pulled and I tried my best not to laugh so as not to encourage such behavior. I helped them back to bed and tucked them in. "Now it's time to sleep. No more getting up," I said futilely.

A little more time passed, and I again hear the chatters and whispers from the two deviants. I enter the room again. There were books all over the floor and the kids were standing at the window looking out. Judah was commenting on the airplanes and Lilyana was running back to bed. This happened several more times over the next 2 hours. Kids whispering and pretending to read, and doing anything but... sleeping. We parents finally threw in the towel when Judah yelled peek-a-boo! They were playing, and any chance of sleep would not come for a long long time.

So we said our good-byes to the family. Judah fell asleep only minutes later. It had been a big day for him. He had also pooped in the toilet that morning! So we were sad to separate the two, but it was the cutest interaction I could have hoped for.

We'll have her over for a sleepover again.