Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I wish that I thought about posting more often. The kids are constantly doing new things, or saying funny things, and I wish I would be more motivated to write them down before they are lost forever to my terrible memory. Here are a few of the recent happenings:

We recently got a new TV downstairs. It's bigger, and it came with a Blue Ray player. Judah has lovingly christened it "Daddy's TV." Apparently, everything that belongs to Daddy is more exciting. He is enamoured with "Kitty movie" (The Aristocats) and asks to watch it daily. I am disappointed in myself because of the amount of TV he's been watching lately. I have really let it slip because I feel so exhausted all the time, and I spend a good part of my day on the couch anyhow due to nursing schedules. I'll just give in when he wants to watch "kitties" a second time. Shame on me.

On the bright side, he's still talking very very well, so TV doesn't appear to be affecting his brain cells. He's putting together full sentences very easily and there are new adjectives and prepositions being added daily. If I were a better mother, I would use larger words in my own speech and teach him a large vocabulary, but alas, I don't have a lack good vocabulary myself. Perhaps when Taylor is weened I will try to learn more elaborate words.

Taylor is doing a little better with her nap schedule. She really likes to catnap, as in, many short naps throughout the day, which I am now trying to correct. It's tough much of the time, but I have to constantly remind myself that it pays off in the end. She has made some things very difficult for me however. She hates taking a bottle, which gives us the issue of babysitting, and the 3 or 4 times she's seen her grandparents, she screams without mercy. (Also doesn't help the babysitting issue.) How can Ricky and I ever expect to get out of the house if she won't take a bottle, and if she hates her grandparents?!? I am impatient for the day when she asks to go to their house (and she doesn't need a bottle.)

She is making more cooing sounds more often. She is getting the idea of grabbing toys and bringing them to her mouth, which is a good sign that she will one day grow up. (This baby phase seems to be lasting a long time). She loves her daddy, and will smile at him all the time. Judah loves to play in Taylor's crib, which can be a nice 20 minute vacation for me. I'll put them both in there, and I have 20 minutes all to myself (to vacuum, hooray...). Taylor is very enchanted with Judah and will watch his every move from all the way across the room. Judah is trying to play with her from time to time, but I just wish I could skip the next 6 months so they could play together alone.

Although, I would skip the next 6 months for a lot of reasons.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

On My Own: 3 months

So tired of being tired. My kids are growing and changing so much everyday, but I feel like I can't enjoy it much. Despite all of Judah's cute words and half sentences, all I think about is how long my nap might be that day. I just can't keep up. My body doesn't do well with elevated hormones.

I am trying to tough it out, but I am not being very tough. I am continuing to breastfeed, despite it being the most likely cause of my suffering, because I know that I am investing in Taylor's future. It was the same story with Judah. I knew it was the best for him, and I would regret not continuing long enough. It really is not that much time considering all the time they will be living here; it is really a small sacrifice. I wish I was one of those moms that could be pregnant, breastfeed, and tote a few kids to soccer practice all at the same time without it even phasing me. Unfortunately, that is not my lot in life. It is hard to enjoy my children when my only comfort is rest.

But anyway, here are a few anecdotes about what the kids are up to.

Taylor has really hit her stride the last few days. She has begun to reach for toys and is more interactive with us. She still doesn't laugh a whole lot. On a recent visit to see Ricky's grandparents in Chehalis, we discovered that Grandma Nana is the only one who can make her really REALLY laugh. I will get a chuckle now and then, but only in the early morning, and only a few. We are still working on that. I have been very adamant about her wearing her bows everyday, otherwise she looks like a boy. She is very cute in bows. She is sleeping 11-12 hours at night now. I wasn't letting her go much past a 9 hour stretch at first because I was nervous about my milk supply, but love of sleep soon won that battle. She is teething right now causing her to be irritable, but other than that, she's becoming more enjoyable to have around.

Judah is talking talking talking non-stop. He is easily putting together 5-6 word sentences which is pretty incredible, although he has a lot to learn about articles and prepositions etc. He is also getting better playing by himself which has been quite a help to me (when he actually DOES play by himself.) This morning he has run around the house yelling "Look at all the bubbles!" and "Want some more bubbles!" One of his favorite things to say is, "Me to hold you?" which we have tried to correct many times, to no avail. He was playing out on the deck and told Bailey (the cat) "G'bye, Bails! See ya later! Have fun!" as he pretends to leave for work like his daddy. Last night I heard him still awake in his bed an hour and a half after his bedtime. I brought him back to my bed and read a few books before sending him off to bed again. He's such a good kid.

Now if only I could get someone to watch the kids.