Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Less Than Relaxing Vacation

Ricky and I added to our parenting experience points this last week. We again tried to do something fun with two kids, but things just didn't pan out. But who would expect us to know everything? Most of my fears, unfortunately, came true.

My Dad did try to warn me. He told me not to force it, but we did anyway.

So back up a ways; we planned a trip to California with Daniel and Mandy back while I was still pregnant. As the date grew closer, I knew I didn't feel comfortable enough with Taylor to go anywhere far from home. Seemed like too much work with both kids, especially when one needs to eat every 3 hours. I continually pushed those fears to the back of my mind and told myself that we could do it and I was just being irrational. But lo and behold, it was a bit too much. A baby needs a lot of attention, so it's not easy to try to go out and do something fun, like a theme park or even go to the pool. She has to be held and changed (try finding a diaper changing station in the middle of California) and fed and napped. There's no break from that at the theme park. Essentially, you are doing all the same things in a new unfamiliar and less comfortable place.

Judah did get some fun pool play time, but even he was too young to look forward to it, or be super excited about the pool. And then Ricky and I couldn't be in the pool together very much because someone needs to watch the baby. So it was either Ricky or I babysitting the baby, and the other entertaining Judah. That doesn't leave much "family bonding time."

Of course, we'll try again. But we're sure we won't plan another vacation like this until 2-3 years from now. Until then, we'll stick close to home. Short camping trips, or day trips around the state. Not anything big until the kids can pull their own weight.

So for now, we're glad to be home.

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J9 said...

Glad you guys got to get away, even if it wasn't all you'd hoped it would be. We did a couple camping trips with the kids this year and they were a lot of work. However, it was still fun to change up the routine and get out and do something different. It will eventually be less work and more play as we get more practice and as the kids get older ... I'm banking on that!