Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Day On My Own

First day on my own has gone pretty well. I miss Ricky like crazy, but because he had 4 weeks off, I had a good time to adjust to the idea of having 2 children. I am in the midst of developing a system to be able to work around both children's schedules and needs. I am trying to figure out how to feed Judah lunch, and still get Taylor fed by Judah's naptime. There's a lot of details to work out. It will be a rough few weeks, but once the routines are set, it can only get easier; until the teenage years that is. :)

For the most part, they are both good kids. Judah is not out of control with sibling jealousy, and he generally behaves well. I am not exhausting myself trying to keep him under control, because he IS under control. Taylor sleeps most of the day for now. The only issue is getting her to sleep on her own without me nearby. This will be the most difficult part of the next few weeks. Now that we are in the "cry it out" stage with her, she spent a much larger portion of the day crying. When Ricky was here, I could spend a little more time holding/rocking her, but now, she's going to have to become a little more independent since my attention is divided. I hate to hear her cry, (any parent does) but it's all for the best, and the later trade off will be 2 well behaved kids who are well rested and easy to handle. It's better for everyone.

Judah is so affectionate as well. Whenever he hears her cry, he'll tell me, "Baby?" to make sure that I am aware. Or if I have her on the floor and she starts to fuss, I'll tell Judah to go play with her, and he does! He is so cute! I know he'll be an awesome big brother.

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