Friday, June 18, 2010

Coming Back to Normal

I have been feeling a bit better today. Judah stayed the night with James, so Ricky and I had last night and this morning to relax. I got to shower, and I even did my hair and makeup. I am actively trying to feel better about life, and just those few things made me feel a little normal again.

I am also actively trying to bond better with Taylor. First of all, I have been trying to actually call her by her name. Both Ricky and I are still stuck with "Baby" or "the Girl" because that's all we called her while I was pregnant. It was so different with Judah. We had him named before we were even married, so from the minute we found it was a boy, we called him Judah. With Taylor, the name still hasn't set in. Funny how different the experience can be.

Secondly, I have been kissing her, and talking to her, and smiling at her more. I know that those things come naturally to most parents, but like I keep saying, this experience has just been different. I have to work at it this time. The change in outward affection has most likely helped, and will continue to help my inward attitude.

The monotony is still very exhausting, but I know that this will all be a distant memory when I am driving the kids to soccer practice and picking them up from school.

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