Sunday, May 2, 2010

Merry May

I really wish that we would start getting some nice warm weather. Ricky, Judah, and I ventured to the park today. We have great fun for 10 minutes before it started sprinkling, and only 5 minutes after that it turned into all out rain with wind. That makes you cold fast, especially if you are a toddler. We had to go back to the car with a less than successful park visit behind us. Ricky has some yard work to do as well, but he hasn't been able to all weekend because the rain was so inconsistent. It would stop raining for a half hour or so, and he'd go to the garage to pull out the lawnmower or weed whacker, only to have the rain come again before he could even get started.

Frustrating. Even the weather forecasters go back and forth. They say "sunshine" and then say "scattered showers", "No, wait. Sunshine." "No, no. We've got scattered showers..." No one can tell what will happen here. We have a birthday party this coming Saturday, and for now the weather forecast says partly cloudy, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that they don't change their minds.

So here we are in May finally. Ricky and I have a long weekend. HOORAY! Tomorrow we are going to the Great Wolf Lodge for FREE! What a blessing that is. We have been wanting to do something fun with Judah, but of course, the weather has been less than cooperative. Just a zoo trip would have been fine, but not in Seattle. That's asking too much. We know that we won't get much of a chance until late summer to do a fun outing because of the new baby coming soon. An overnight stay, and a long weekend, and lots of fun with Jujubee and my aunt and uncle is just what we need. I am happy to be getting more time with Ricky as well. The weekends get away from us too quickly.

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