Thursday, May 13, 2010

Judah 21 mo

I had to write down what Judah had done this morning before I forget it forever.

He woke up in a really good mood. Sometimes he needs to "finish" waking up for the first 20 minutes or so of the morning. But today, he was ready to go! He has a long satin ribbon that he's become attached to over the last week or two. While dragging it behind him, he discovered that Bailey (our cat) will chase the ribbon, and Judah found this hilarious. It was quite entertaining to watch these two play with each other, and every time Bailey pounced, Judah would laugh and laugh.

Not long after he'd finished his breakfast, I turned on some music. He loves to dance. He was in the living room, and as I came out of the kitchen, he was doing some sort of move that looked like he was trying to use a hoola hoop. It was so cute and I laughed and said "Look at you shaking your booty!" He smiled and repeated "Shakin' booty!" over and over again. HILARIOUS! Of course, this left me smacking my head. Judah has started repeating EVERYTHING, so Ricky and I are getting used to really trying to watch what we say, but we are doing poorly for the moment. We're working on it...

After he was done dancing, he asked for daddy who had already left for work. I told him that daddy was working and would be back later. I guess, in an attempt to comfort himself, he ran to our bedroom and grabbed Ricky's slippers. He walked, or more accurately, trudged around in them for the next 15 minutes yelling, "Daddy shoes!" I wish Ricky could have seen that.

So my little boy is getting so big. He's also entering the terrible two's so Ricky and I are going to be developing a lot of patience over the next few months.... well, make that the next few years.

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