Monday, May 10, 2010

I had a rough day today...

I thought for a bit that I might be going into labor, but luckily I didn't get my hopes up. After Judah got up, he was in such a good mood, but my fuse became super short. Shorter than it has been in quite some time. I would start shaking I was so mad about... I'm not sure, but I was mad about SOMETHING. My back and lower abdomen started hurting significantly (this is why I thought I may be in labor) and I got really sick. It all happened so fast. I had to fix dinner and get to church by 7:15pm, and I was scheduled for childcare. Hooray.

The beginning of my day was fine. This was all after I had missed my nap. It's not uncommon for me to miss a nap, but the reason I did may have been what put me in such a mood. I was on the phone almost the entire time Judah was sleeping. We have been getting way too much junk mail for the previous house owners, so I have been calling these random places asking them to take us off the mailing lists. So I talked on the phone for 2 hours with a dozen or so costumer service representatives from companies all over the country, and not all are friendly or competent. I figured out my new budget (always a mood lifter *sarcasm*) and did some research on some church payments, and a bunch of other "not fun" things in general. Oh yeah, and talked on the phone with a relative that I would rather not be related to.

So I missed my nap to do a bunch of tedious and mind numbing things. Then when Judah got up, I just stressed out and had a hard time controlling my emotions. On top of all this, I am losing circulation in my legs, so they are cramping a lot, and my stomach hurts really really bad from stretching. These last few weeks are just the baby getting bigger really quickly, so where I already had no room, she's pushing on even more to make even more room that I don't have. It's a painful process.

I wish she'd come early so we could skip this last part.

One of the positive parts of my day was grabbing a latte on the way to church. For me, it's one of those simple pleasures. I also got to leave church early because no other children showed up for the childcare, so I was off the hook. Not that I always hope to leave early. I usually quite enjoy being there, but not during this stressful and painful part of my life. So now Juju is in bed, and I get some down time to chill and wait for Ricky to get home. Also, being on a positive streak, I keep in mind that my pregnancy is really not that bad at all compared to many others who actually have it bad. I also was given money from the hubby for a massage. So I will most likely get a massage this weekend, although I still need to call and schedule it. You'd think that I could have done that today seeing as I was making calls for 2 hours, however, it didn't go that way for me.

I will try and call tomorrow. I will also be seeing my Grandma Neta tomorrow at the mall, so that will be a good mood lifter as well.

So this is me, signing off from my terrible day, with higher hopes for tomorrow. I'm going to bed early.


amy said...

What are you going to name your baby girl??!

Rosemary Ochs said...

We don't know yet! We can't decide, so we may just have to wait until she's here.