Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Great Wolf Logic

On Monday, Ricky, Judah and I took the trek down to the Great Wolf Lodge. It was a great drive, and we are lucky that it is so close by.

We walked in, and my aunt and uncle had just checked into the room, so we all headed upstairs to get into our bathing suits. The water park is really great (for those that are thinking about taking children). Because the entire park is indoors, you don't have to worry about sunblock, and rain, and all those other things. They keep it around 85 degrees at all times which was a tremendous help with Judah. He is so skinny that he doesn't regulate body temperature that well.

Unfortunately, the kids are just a little too young for the park. We got there, and it is very overwhelming with water flying everywhere, and it being so loud. There is a great area for toddlers where the water is a bit warmer and it's shallow. Almost like a huge bathtub really. :) Judah was able to enjoy that a bit, but he didn't want to let us go because he was so scared. Plus with other children running around, you have to keep your eye on him at all times. If he were a year older, he'd be running off by himself and be able to hold his own a bit more. Conner was pretty scared too, but I don't blame him since he's 3 months younger than Judah. Once again, I'm sure if he were a year older he'd be more apt to get out of the box and explore.

Harvey and Liz only stayed the day, while Ricky and I were able to stay the night. The next morning, it wasn't as crowded and Judah warmed up even more, although still wouldn't do anything without Ricky or I there holding his hand. We want to go back again sometime, but we'll have to wait at least another year.

It was nice to have the extra long weekend as well. Just hanging out and having family time was well worth it. We don't have more than a few weeks with just the 3 of us. We want to soak it up.


Ricky said...

Whoever designed the waterpark has a mean streak. Every five feet there is a bucket about ten feet off the ground filling up, waiting to get dumped on your head. Even when you think you are clear because there is no bucket over your head, after you smile to yourself, thinking you've outwitted that mean park designer, you get sprayed down by a 5 year old manning a water cannon, who then runs off giggling at getting an "adult."

That made it really hard, as the first 30 seconds actually in the water, a bucket with 1000 gallons of water drops straight on our heads, in an area that appears to be a little toddler play area. Poor Judah freaked the heck OUT, and sort of made it hard for us to get him warmed up to the water park idea the rest of the day.

Rosemary Ochs said...

It's good for him! Haha!

We'll definetly have to go back again, once he can't remember that 1000 gallon bucket anymore.

You were scared too! :)

Ricky said...

surprised is more like it. :)