Tuesday, May 25, 2010

&%#$ Facebook!

I feel so dirty finally getting a facebook, and now that I am there, I remember even more why I didn't want one. However, I am going to tough this one out for awhile. I got the account for the sole purpose of posting pictures and videos of our kids for the extended family. Ricky is really bad about keeping those things up to date, and family members are always asking me to kick him around a bit and post more Judah pictures.

Now, with the second kid only a few days away (I pray) this has become even more of a necessity to keep the family updated. With my own account, I can upload the pictures and videos of the new baby, and continue to keep everyone in the loop; without harrassing Ricky, that is. However, that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it.

I think Judah may finally be understanding that there will be a new baby in the house, although he doesn't understand what all that entails. Ricky and I started telling him there was a baby sister in momma's tummy about a month ago, and he's been so clueless. However, the last day or two, I've noticed his eyes light up a little more. We've been telling him where the baby will sleep and how the baby will cry. I showed him some pictures of kids holding babies so that it might possibly click a little more. We'll see I guess. Ricky and I know that Judah will enjoy having a sibling... after some time. :) He is so social and doesn't like being by himself. Having another kid in the house will open him up a bit more, I think. He did phenomenal when Kayla (my niece) was here everyday, but the difference is that she went home every night.

I already see him being so nuturing, in a manly way, of course. He has his favorite stuffed bunny, lovingly named "Bunny." He treats the bunny like a family member. He takes it in the car with him, and he'll tuck him in when we put Judah to bed. Gives Bunny a hug and kiss and says "night night." So cute. Today he put Bunny in his play car with him and pretended to strap him in. So they rode off together, just him and Bunny. I hope he gives his sister just as much affection.

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