Friday, April 23, 2010

Full Schedules

I have a busy few weeks coming up, and especially the weekends. Spring and summer always do this. During the winter, I get a serious case of cabin fever. There's not much to do, the weather is cold and uncomfortably wet all the time, and all you can do is go see a movie again, or stay at home again. Somehow, during spring, and mostly summer, you just can't fit it all in!

The weekend starting tomorrow is booked solid, and the weekdays are filling up too. The weekend after that is almost full, and the weekend after that is full. There are several things that we still want to do as well, but unfortunately, I am running out of time that I will be able to do anything. After these few more weeks, I'm sure I will not have the will power to even get out of bed, and a few more weeks after that, I will have the new baby. If you leave me a voicemail during that time, you'll be lucky to hear from me after a 2 weeks.

So I am wishing that I lived in a climate that didn't force us, and all of our friends and family, to pack all of the fun things of the year into 3 or 4 months. I mean, seriously now. And poor Ricky and I, we have to pack it into half of that since we'll be stuck at home for most of the prime time. Ugh. I must say, however, on the bright side, I know that this sacrifice of a few summers will be made up by lots more super fun summers filled with birthday parties and toddlers having the time of their lives. And we get to have the time of our lives with them. We just have to miss most of this summer, and then we'll have every other summer to do tons of fun things that we have to fit into 4 months. This is why we pray earnestly every year, that God will provide a warm, sunny summer, because without good weather, Seattlites then only have 2 months to fit in all the fun things that they have been wanting to do all year.

Tomorrow morning I'll be up bright and early to attend my baby shower. My sister-in-law did all the planning and I didn't have to do a thing! All I have to do is show up. What a relief. I will be going to the church after the shower to attend a memorial service for a dear friend that passed away at the beginning of the week. It's a sad thing, and all I can do is pray. After that, I'll go back home, and then back to church again for another event going on in the evening which I am running the childcare for. It will be a long day. Sunday is church, and then I'll be leaving from the church to go have tea at a tea house with my mother and sister-in-law. That will be nice and relaxing. Luckily, I am booked, but not stressed.

On a completely separate topic, I had a doctor appointment today, and it went well. Nothing concerning or troublesome. There never is. However, it sounds like my doc will be in Iceland during my predicted (as in, Rosemary's predicted, having nothing to do with the doctor's predicted) delivery date. That will suck if even the second baby doesn't get delivered by my regular doctor. I had a bad experience with the doc who delivered Judah. My doc's shift had just ended when I started pushing the last time. Although, when you are there on the table pushing your guts out, you don't really care who's there. But it would be nice to have her there. We'll have to see.

Anyway, I should be going to bed because I need rest and I am tired, but sadly, bed doesn't ever sound nice anymore. The one thing in life that is always there for me now causes me so much pain and agony. The sanctity of the bed is now soiled thanks to relaxin, the hormone that looses my ligaments and pelvic joints. But alas, I must be strong...

or maybe not.

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Kat said...

I'll be praying for your that you'll be able to find some level of comfort in these last few weeks.