Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finally Moved

What a busy busy few weeks. We are finally moved into our new home!!

At the beginning of last week, Ricky and I started vigorously packing all the rest of our house up. It can be a hard thing to do since we still had to use so much of it. Things like the kitchen, the bathrooms, and clothes are all hard to pack since we are still using them. On Thursday night, Ricky borrowed my dad's truck, and our real estate agent came over to help up take a few loads over to the new house. Everything from the attic was unloaded and put in the garage. Most of it was able to be moved that first night. Ricky had Friday off, and used the whole day to move the whole rest of our stuff to the new house. We had help from lots of family and a few friends as well, which made the move go much MUCH faster and smoother than expected. We had thought we'd have to move the last of everything on Saturday, but it all made it over by the end of Friday, including the cats.

We were able to stay our first night on Friday night. It didn't go very well, unfortunately, due to the cats acting up, but it was a huge relief to finally be moved into our new house and to be able to leave the old place behind us. I didn't even have to go back to clean up or anything because we hired a company to do that for us. It was nice to just walk away and not look back.

Judah has been doing phenomenally well in the new house. He would kinda run around the house laughing and taking stuff out of boxes and putting it on the floor for us to trip on. He slept just fine in his new room as if nothing were different.

All in all, we've all adjusted well, and I am so happy to be here. Thank God!


Amanda said...

Sounds great rosemary! Pictures? Hope unpacking goes as smoothly as the move. : )

Amanda said...

YES...Amanda Crum!