Monday, February 15, 2010

Strange Dreams

Pregnancy sure comes with many strange symptoms, one of which is strange dreams. I had it last pregnancy as well. I wake up 7-31 times a night, and I think I may dream in between each stretch of sleep. Many dreams come from things waaaaay in my past, whereas some are just the regular dreams that we all have. The strangest things come out, like past friendships from childhood, or someplace I went in junior high. Things that I haven't thought about for years! I also get mad at Ricky a lot, and I wake up mad at him at least every other night. I have to talk myself down and realize that it was just a dream. I have had a few recurring and progressive dreams as well. One night I have a dream, and the next night I have the dream again, but it gets added to, and the then again the next night. It really starts to mess with your head. I have a nightmare just about every night as well, where Ricky, Judah, or I is in danger. Those are the worst.

Another strange thing to note is that I am rarely pregnant in my dreams. In almost all of them, I am my regular self. This seems odd to me seeing as how being preggers is a constant factor in my life. Most of what I do all day revolves around this fact. What I eat, how much I drink, when I can go out, when I nap, how I wear my seat belt, what I can lift, what I can clean, how I bend and move and walk... these, and more, all factor into being pregnant. Yet, I am not so in my dreams. I guess my body instinctively knows that the pregnancy is temporary, and therefore disregards all thoughts pertaining to it. On the up side, perhaps that means I won't remember most of the pregnancy (which is less than memorable).

All this is to say that my day has been foggy. It's past noon, and I have already been out and about, but I still have a few dreams hanging around my head, like I am still there. It's a half state of consciousness, and it's driving me crazy. I will go lie down for a nap, but will undoubtedly have another strange dream that I won't be able to shake off. All these strange dreams are melding together and now soaking into my daily life. It's so... strange.

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Aabell said...

I just happened upon your blog while I was writing my latest entry...and surprisingly enough, I was also writing about pregnancy dreams! How funny! Good luck to you with the inconsistent sleep. :)