Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun For All Weekend

We sure had an eventful weekend. Friday night, we had some friends over for "bad movie night" (a night where we watch a really entertaining, hilarious, old, bad movie.) On the queue this week was an old 80's flick called "Real Genius" starring Val Kilmer. It was awful! And awesome! Needless to say, we had fun and sure needed a chill out night.

On Saturday, we took a morning trip to the Pacific Science Center with my Uncle Harvey, Aunt Liz, and their son Conner (slightly younger than Judah) to let the kids get some stimulation. It's a great place for kids, and Ricky and I know that we'll be making it a regular place to visit as the kids grow up. Day trips to the city are the bomb! There is an children's area where they can play in the water and climb on toys. Tide pools, moving dinosaurs, flushing toilets, and the old space capsule... anyone remember those??? Most of the stuff is still there from my childhood. It hasn't changed much except for a few new exhibits and the layout. We love it there so much, and we may revisit again in a month or two.

After church on Sunday, Kat and James took Judah to their house. We met up and played a board game until we had to head back to church. Sunday, of course, was the Superbowl. The Edge put on a Superbowl party at the Creekside. It was fun and very relaxed. I was back and forth managing the childcare, and Ricky put together some trivia questions so we could hand out prizes. It wasn't a huge party or anything, but there were lots of friends and fun.

So the weekend was full, and I was more than ready for some much needed rest. I tried to sleep in a little. *fail* And now I am catching up on cleaning and blogging while Judah watches Handy Manny on Playhouse Disney. Tonight, we are back to church for The Edge service. Although, I am playing that by ear because Judah seems to have caught a cold. I'll be keeping an eye on that. If he does have a cold, then it looks that I may be in for a full week too.

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Garan said...

I must object to part of this. Real Genius is still an awesome movie. They have a fricken LASER BEAM they shoot through the campus! Val Kilmer's comments in the movie are great as well.