Saturday, December 5, 2009

Good News Bad News


That's right! The couple that was interested has finally accepted a counteroffer, so now we just need to sign paperwork. Won't be long until we are out of this townhouse, and moved into our own home with a yard and more room for Judah to play.

Bad news: We sold the house for way too little.

I am actually not as happy as I should be about this sell. I am trying to stay positive, but it's been hard. I feel really overwhelmed with so many other things that this whole house selling thing was just a burden. We took a huge loss and we have to come up with a chunk of money out of seemingly nowhere... this is making me freak out because there are so many other expenses coming up soon. Ricky is trying to make it sound so easy, but I live in a world where my son needs shoes, and new houses need to be fixed on way or another. A world where transmissions break and cars get wrecked; where roofs leak and dryers blow up. Once again, I need to think positively, but with my hormonal issues, it's been a challenge for me to fight my emotions and anxiety. Not to mention that many things changed from what I was originally told. We set a certain number that we would NOT sell for any less than that number, but then we went several thousand below that number. I was also told that we had a 3 month closing date which would give me 3 months to find a house. But now, I am suddenly being told that I have 3 weeks to find a house! You can see why that would stress me out. I can't go out house shopping except on weekends, and one of those weekends is Christmas. So I have, like, 5 days to find a house that I am supposed to live in for 20 more years. Great...

Good news: I am rarely morning sick.

Bad news: I am extremely tired ALL the time.

Good news: We are getting a Christmas tree today!

Ah, that wonderful time of year when you get to go out in the cold and tie a big tree to the roof of your car.

Bad news: It's going to be a smaller tree than normal.

We have no room in our house right now. Since I have been watching Kayla, we have all of the baby stuff pulled back out of the attic. Our already small living room now has a playpen, swing, and bouncer taking up the rest of our walking space. Despite Ricky's discouragement of a tree, I insisted that we get one, we would just keep it smaller. So we'll have to fit yet one more thing in that living room. Maybe we'll put the coffee table in storage since we'll be moving out soon anyway, that way we have a little extra room for now.

Good news: Judah is taking a nap.

Bad news: I wasted the time that I should have been napping by writing this post.


amy said...

Wow, it sounds like you are under A LOT of stress, you must be a very strong woman because I don't think I could handle all that you have been going through!

Kari said...

You guys are in my prayers!