Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Parties

Now is the week that we have all our parties. On Sunday was the first family get together at the Ridley's house. It was a lot of fun and Judah had a blast playing with his cousins toys. :) Sierra got a tool set and he loved it! Ricky and I are thinking that we'll need to buy one for him. Most of his toys were hand me downs that he has outgrown. He'll need some updating after the holidays.

Ricky and I didn't even buy him a gift this year. No, I do not feel guilty about it. He is still too young to understand the meaning of the holiday or to remember any kind of amazing toy that we might buy for him. Next year will be the golden year when he'll understand and enjoy the idea of the whole thing. Besides, he's got plenty of grandparents that will be giving him lots of toys this Christmas.

On Monday we had our young adults group party at church. It was just a hang out time with lots of food. It was fun and it's always nice to just relax with friends instead of doing the "church thing" if you know what I mean.

Tonight is the Buck Christmas party at my parents house. My Grandpa from Everett and Great-Grandma from Federal Way come and we all exchange gifts. Regina makes her famous lasagna, and we catch up with that side of the family. This is the side that I don't see very often. Maybe twice a year. We can count on seeing them at Christmas. Judah is less shy these days, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that he'll get some good quality time with his grandparents.

Hooray for Christmas!

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