Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Parties

Now is the week that we have all our parties. On Sunday was the first family get together at the Ridley's house. It was a lot of fun and Judah had a blast playing with his cousins toys. :) Sierra got a tool set and he loved it! Ricky and I are thinking that we'll need to buy one for him. Most of his toys were hand me downs that he has outgrown. He'll need some updating after the holidays.

Ricky and I didn't even buy him a gift this year. No, I do not feel guilty about it. He is still too young to understand the meaning of the holiday or to remember any kind of amazing toy that we might buy for him. Next year will be the golden year when he'll understand and enjoy the idea of the whole thing. Besides, he's got plenty of grandparents that will be giving him lots of toys this Christmas.

On Monday we had our young adults group party at church. It was just a hang out time with lots of food. It was fun and it's always nice to just relax with friends instead of doing the "church thing" if you know what I mean.

Tonight is the Buck Christmas party at my parents house. My Grandpa from Everett and Great-Grandma from Federal Way come and we all exchange gifts. Regina makes her famous lasagna, and we catch up with that side of the family. This is the side that I don't see very often. Maybe twice a year. We can count on seeing them at Christmas. Judah is less shy these days, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that he'll get some good quality time with his grandparents.

Hooray for Christmas!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

13 Days Until Christmas

All of my Christmas shopping is done except for a few white elephant gifts. It was easy this year because everyone got the same thing. That also kinda stunk though, because holiday shopping is one of the most fun things about Christmas. Picking out things for each family member is a lot of fun for me, despite it being expensive. Buying gifts is the worst part of the holidays for some, but I have never been let down by the spirit of giving yet.

So, although our gifts are less than amazing this year, Ricky and I are still looking forward to our holiday parties. Christmas week has 4 family parties total (better than last year's 7 or 8, ugh) and we're looking forward to each of them. We made sure to not overdue ourselves this year, as this has been a problem in the past, and it has made it easier to look forward to each gathering. Of course we'd love to go to each party, but experience has taught us that overextending ourselves will leave a bitter taste, which loses the entire sentiment intended in the first place. Better to stick to what we're comfortable with, and enjoy what we have.

I have a good feeling about Christmas with Judah. This will be his first Christmas when he's old enough to be social, so I'm sure he'll have a fun time. Lots of food and grandparents, aunts, and uncles all giving him cookies and sips of pop... yeah, should be fun. Maybe he'll actually be able to open his own presents as well. We'll see though. The older he gets, the shorter his attention span has becomes, so he may play with one toy, and then be off discovering the wonders of Grandma and Papa's trash bin. That's part of the joy of living with a toddler. Luckily he hasn't entered the terrible two's. He is still being very obedient when we tell him "no," so I am relishing that as much as I can, as I know I will quickly forget.

Now all that's left to do is wait.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Good News Bad News


That's right! The couple that was interested has finally accepted a counteroffer, so now we just need to sign paperwork. Won't be long until we are out of this townhouse, and moved into our own home with a yard and more room for Judah to play.

Bad news: We sold the house for way too little.

I am actually not as happy as I should be about this sell. I am trying to stay positive, but it's been hard. I feel really overwhelmed with so many other things that this whole house selling thing was just a burden. We took a huge loss and we have to come up with a chunk of money out of seemingly nowhere... this is making me freak out because there are so many other expenses coming up soon. Ricky is trying to make it sound so easy, but I live in a world where my son needs shoes, and new houses need to be fixed on way or another. A world where transmissions break and cars get wrecked; where roofs leak and dryers blow up. Once again, I need to think positively, but with my hormonal issues, it's been a challenge for me to fight my emotions and anxiety. Not to mention that many things changed from what I was originally told. We set a certain number that we would NOT sell for any less than that number, but then we went several thousand below that number. I was also told that we had a 3 month closing date which would give me 3 months to find a house. But now, I am suddenly being told that I have 3 weeks to find a house! You can see why that would stress me out. I can't go out house shopping except on weekends, and one of those weekends is Christmas. So I have, like, 5 days to find a house that I am supposed to live in for 20 more years. Great...

Good news: I am rarely morning sick.

Bad news: I am extremely tired ALL the time.

Good news: We are getting a Christmas tree today!

Ah, that wonderful time of year when you get to go out in the cold and tie a big tree to the roof of your car.

Bad news: It's going to be a smaller tree than normal.

We have no room in our house right now. Since I have been watching Kayla, we have all of the baby stuff pulled back out of the attic. Our already small living room now has a playpen, swing, and bouncer taking up the rest of our walking space. Despite Ricky's discouragement of a tree, I insisted that we get one, we would just keep it smaller. So we'll have to fit yet one more thing in that living room. Maybe we'll put the coffee table in storage since we'll be moving out soon anyway, that way we have a little extra room for now.

Good news: Judah is taking a nap.

Bad news: I wasted the time that I should have been napping by writing this post.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baby Kayla

I have Kayla full time now. It has not been as difficult as I thought it would be, and it sure has raised my confidence in my ability to have two young children in the house. Unfortunately, I am still dealing with a lot of fatigue, so the day goes by slowly.

Judah and Kayla are getting along great! They are already bonding, and it is so cute. He rocks her in the swing, and plays peek-a-boo when she's in the bouncer. The only times that he doesn't do well is when I am feeding her, (he seems to get a little jealous), and there's the issue of sharing. He always wants what she has. She can't yet grab toys yet, but I will put something in her hand to shake, and of course, Judah will try to take it from her. All the rest of the time, they laugh and smile at each other, and Mandy and I are both happy to see that things are going so well already. I thought it would take some time before he got used to another baby in the house. I think the cats are taking harder than anyone. :)

It really has made me more optimistic about our next baby. I was starting to worry and tell myself that I should have waited another year or three. Having two children under the age of 2 suddenly seemed like a more daunting task than when we first decided to try for a second. It will still be hard, no doubt, but I feel like I might actually be able to do this. I'll still need to figure out how to accomplish a grocery trip with a carseat and a toddler. Not sure how that will go, but once again, I will have to figure it out. I keep telling myself that mothers have been doing this for thousands of years, and they didn't even have grocery stores and strollers, so I should be able to find a way to make it work. Although, I think that some of these baby things have made it more difficult to raise a child rather than easier.

Right now, the biggest task is matching up Kayla and Judah's naptimes so that I can also match MY naptime. I like to nap during the day, although, it is more of a requirement these days. So all in all, I am feeling really good about taking this on, and now I have more comfort in knowing that Judah will most likely handle the new sibling well.