Saturday, November 7, 2009

Laid Back Saturdays, the Holidays, and my New Job

Ricky and I have been enjoying the last few Saturdays. For whatever reason, October was packed each weekend and we had almost no time to ourselves. But these last 2 Saturdays we have been able to sleep in (I use the term loosely since we have a toddler) and watch the news, and have a big breakfast. Just slow going and laid back. It's the way our weekends used to be before we had the baby.

I enjoy that. I feel more emotionally connected when we can just hang out at home and we're not rushing to prepare for whatever is going on that day. Although, I hang out at home enough, but it's nicer when Ricky is here. He's helpful with Judah so that I don't go out of my mind. He can catch up with some video games, and there's just no pressure.

I hope we have more Saturdays like this in our future. :)

Anyway, with the holiday season upon us, my mind is racing with ideas for Christmas! I know, I know. I am skipping Thanksgiving, but we all know that Christmas is waaaay better than Thanksgiving. There's only 48 more days until the big day! I have already started my gift list, and I will get a head start on it this month. I already have a few. We are a little tighter on the budget this year, but I still love buying people stuff. Now that I am "of age" relatives ask me to make a dish for the potluck! That may not seem important to any of you, but I suppose it makes me feel important. I mean, they want ME to make a dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas!? I had the honor of taking charge of the traditional green bean casserole. No holiday meal is complete without it!

Yay! Christmas! I am getting butterflies in my tummy just thinking about it. Things will be really fun this year as well now that Judah is older and walking. He can become more acquainted with his relatives, and he can play with his cousins. We also won't have to be concerned with feeding times and all those little things that come with caring for an infant.

Speaking of caring for an infant, I will be watching Kayla (niece) starting this month. Mandy (sister-in-law) will be going back to work part time, and I will be the nanny. I am happy and nervous about it. I know it's important that Kayla be with her family as opposed to daycare, and she will get more one-on-one attention at this delicate age. I am also very nervous since I have Judah with me, and I have no experience with 2 children so young. I don't want to lose my cool with Judah when I can't give him the amount of attention he's used to getting, but he'll have to learn to share his mom sooner or later.

All in all, things are looking good.

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