Saturday, October 31, 2009

Darn T3chnology

Our home computer died. It won't even boot up.

*moment of silence*

We have been needing a new computer for some time now, but of course it would break when we can absolutely not afford to get a new one. Because of our house being listed, and because I am no longer working etc, we are on an exceedingly tight budget right now. So I have to use my hubby's work laptop every night. It's kinda rough being home all day with no internet. I only ever used it for checking email and simple stuff like that. I don't even have a facebook account. Yet somehow it makes you feel helpless. Or I may think to myself Judah has a rash breaking out on his face, could it be an allergy to beans? But I can't go google... or excuse me, BING it to find an answer. I just have to wonder and then do nothing.

It's sad how much we rely on technology. You come to the same realization when the power goes out. Suddenly, there's nothing to do. God forbid you have to read a book by candlelight, or pull out a board game, or TALK. The horror. Yet we always have the fondest memories of when the power goes out.

So I am getting by, but it sucks.

In other news, Judah, my mom, and I all went to the pumpkin patch last Saturday. It was a ton of fun! Judah was so cute trying to pick up pumpkins, and riding in the wheelbarrow. I would post some pics, but I say again, the computer is dead. And last night, Ricky and I went to Jet City Improv to watch "Twisted Flicks." It was fun, and I even won tickets for next month's show.

And the most important announcement of all... only 55 days until Christmas!

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Amanda said...

awwww I love fall...but Christmas counting already? Really? I bet your excited for snow too??? lol EW

Jet City?? That is where some of my buddies are taking me on my birthday in a few weeks. Hmmm is it good? I heard its good clean humor. I hope so. : ) Love you WOMAN! I am always so inspired by your blogs. ALWAYS!