Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ricky!

Today Ricky is turning 24! We're going to Chantanee Noodle, Ricky's favorite restaurant to celebrate with the family. Happy birthday, Ricky! I love you!

In other news, the heat wave is over, and I now have to bring a coat to work. Only in Seattle can it drop 40 degrees in a few days. For crying out loud. Judah cut 4 molars within a few days. That explained why he had been crabby the last week. It was getting pretty frustrating, but my goodness, now I feel really bad for him.

Being back at work has been really hard for me, for more than just the fact that my job is really stressful, but I hate having Judah in daycare. I think about him all day and feel guilty about being at work. Everyone keeps telling me that "it's good for him" and "he's learning important social skills" both of which are true, but why do I still feel so guilty? I'm sure that most moms feel the same way, but they don't always have the option to not work, in which case I feel very sorry for them. I would hate to be in that position, if I had to work so that we could make the mortgage payment. I know that I'll probably feel the same way when our kids start preschool and kindergarten, but that's just part of life. It's just that no one can replace mom and dad, and I hate feeling like money is more important than my kid, ya know?

Anyway, I should get back to work now...

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Kari said...

Ricky's only 24? Boy, do I feel old!