Thursday, July 30, 2009

Heat Wave

So I may be back to once a month blogging. I'm back at work part-time, but am already waaaaay low on free time. I'm still at home Mondays and Fridays, but they are usually packed with errands, ergo, no blogging.

Not that there's a whole lot going on. July 21st was Judah's first birthday. I had to pick him up early from daycare because he threw up. Once I got him home, he threw up again and he had a hard time the rest of the night. Poor kid. Not the best birthday ever.

This week, Seattle's been having a record breaking heat wave. I can't complain much because I could have it way worse. Our house was 82 degrees inside, but Ricky and I have one of the only units with shade for most of the day. Everyone else's homes are most likely heating up more than ours. Ricky and I slept on the living room floor for one of the nights, since our bedroom is 10 degrees hotter. Neither of us even had the will power to get the air mattress from the attic. I know it was 120 degrees or more up there. It wasn't worth it.

The Blue Angels are in town, and have been practising this afternoon. My work is located just a mile or 2 from Boeing field, so they fly right overhead. We will most likely be skipping church to go see them. We do every year. It will be fun.

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