Saturday, June 13, 2009

Simple Pleasure You Can't Measure

Life can't always be perfect. Actually, it's never perfect. We have frustrations, we are always learning something, we are always dealing with something, whether significant or insignificant. But Ricky, being the good husband and father that he is, has encouraged me to open my eyes to the little ways that God shows us he loves us and actually cares about the significant or insignificant things that are always on our mind.

For instance, a few weeks ago, I was doing my regular weekly grocery shopping trip. Judah was doing ok; not fantastic, but ok. I was slightly rushed that day because I had a few other errands to run, not to mention that I was pretty broke this month due to some unexpected expenses. At the time, Judah and I were still recovering from a cold, so some of the leftovers were hanging around. So I am on the way out to the car with a cart full of groceries, and I stopped to grab my sunglasses from my purse. A man walked over and said, "What a cutie you got there!" This is typical, seeing as how Judah is freakin' cute! "Oh, thanks!" I say with a smile. "How old is he?" the man continues to inquire. "Just about 10 months now," I reply, getting ready to slowly start rolling again. "Well, you are certainly blessed with a great kid," he adds, and then hands Judah a stuffed yellow butterfly that he just won out of a vending machine and then heads on his way. !!! "Thank you so much!" I called after him, to which he nodded his head in acknowledgment. It's like God was tugging on my arm whispering slow down. I could have easily showed uninterest in his questions since I was "rushed," but instead, God showed me how something small, like giving a stranger the time of day, can impact more things that you realize. Now that stuffed butterfly is in Judah's crib, and I'm going to keep it and explain to him once he's old enough, the lesson I learned that day in the grocery store.

Another simple pleasure is espresso. I admit, I am waaaaay too in love with a good white chocolate mocha, and I also admit that I have not been the best in sticking to my once-a-week when I go to work routine. I give in to my fleshly desires. But I really have been working hard this last month to exercise some self control in that area (and I have also been slightly broke.) Yesterday morning, it was the first thing on my mind. Mmmm, doesn't some coffee sound good my evil half whispered to my good half. Oooh, that does sound good as my good half began turning towards the dark side. And do you know what I did? I started planning my day out trying to figure out if I could go see my bro at work (he works at Starbucks) to see if I could bum a free latte. Then I was having this inner battle, no, Rosemary, you need to have some self control. You'll get coffee tomorrow morning. (I know some of you are reading this thinking that I'm crazy. Well, you'd be right.) I resolved after much dilemma that I would tough it out until tomorrow (Did I mention I was broke this month?) and that I would live without a latte. Not even 10 minutes later, my uncle called and asked if he could drop by for a short visit and bring me a - CHA CHING! - white chocolate mocha! To me, that was God saying I care about what you care about even though it's something as stupid as a latte.

It's amazing the little things that God does for us. It's also sad that many of these things can go unnoticed because we are so busy, so worried, or otherwise too wrapped up in ourselves to notice God's unconditional love. Think about a marriage, or any relationship, in which you show the other person you care. We do things for each other to show love, but not always in the traditional sense. When the hubby gets me a glass of water, he's saying that he loves me. When he reminds me to set my alarm for work in the morning, he's saying he loves me. But we can be too distracted to notice. So when God drops simple things in our lap to say He loves us, like when a new line opens at Costco so you don't have to wait a long time, or when someone tells you a funny joke, or when you run into an old friend and have a great chat, or when you catch every green light, or when your boss tells you what a great job you've been doing, these are all things from God just dropping hints that He really likes you.

So in turn, we should give out what we get. Next time you're in the grocery store, help someone find what they're looking for, or point out how cute their baby is, or just give someone a smile. You could be being God's unconditional love to someone else who needed it. Even letting someone in on the freeway who's driving like a maniac and flipping you off. You don't know what they went through that day, or in their life, so just be that unconditional love, because remember - you don't deserve it either. :)

So how does God show you He loves you with simple pleasures? Comment and let me know so that we can all work on keeping our eyes open to God working in our lives, even in small ways.


Amanda said...

this post really made my day...Honestly you are so right. He does drop "hints" every day.

Example: I misplaced our Jeep keys a few weeks ago, and we had to drive to the dealership to get new ones,
the man who helped us, was also from the Tacoma area, and we started chatting for several minutes, he then gave us an extra jeep key for no extra charge. It was a very nice gesture, and we didnt even notice till we were on our way home. Its the simple things.

Kat said...

Have I said that having you in our family is God's way of saying that he loves me?