Thursday, June 4, 2009

Power Struggle

Who knew that a 10 month old knew how to have a power struggle.

I feel kinda bad because he is still not completely better from his cold, so I am hoping that it has not progressed to a sinus infection, or could possibly be something else (like UTI or ear infection). This kid will not go to sleep when he's supposed to, and he will not stay asleep for his usual amount of time. He used to sleep 12 hours at night, but now I'm lucky if I get 10 straight hours. It sucks bad.

When I put him down for a nap, he'll cry for 45 minutes, and mixed with standing up in his crib, it's nearly impossible to get him to sleep unless I stay with him (not an acceptable course of action) or he completely passes out from exhaustion. When he is awake, he is super needy and cries when I step out of the room to get a glass of water. I won't stay with him all day! He needs to play on his own, and I won't be that mommy that holds his hand through life and calls the teacher to score him some extra credit when he fails a spelling test! This has been going on for weeks. He is not sleeping too much during the day, and he won't sleep even when he is obviously tired. It's so frustrating for me, because I/we worked so hard to instill good sleeping habits, and this huge regression is totally deflating.

Not to mention it is exhausting to me as well. As Ricky commented on the previous post, I have not blogged much because I have had no time! He might take two 45 minute naps during the day. What kind of housework, or anything for that matter, can get done in that amount of time!? Sigh. The most important thing here is that I want to remain the parent who can control their child. I refuse to fall into the same rut that most parents do, in which they give in to their children, whereby causing the children to hate the parents and blame them for all of their problems in life. I want to stay strong!

But what is strong? Like I mentioned earlier, he may still be sick, in which case you want to be comforting. You don't want to punish him for something out of his control, while at the same time, what if he is manipulating me? I don't want to bend to that! How can I tell the difference?

I wish that being a mom had paid vacation time.

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