Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trying to catch a breath

Ricky and I got a chance to go see the new Star Trek movie this weekend. It was pretty good if I do say so myself. I mean, I have no complaints about it, but I suppose that in some sort of girly way, it didn't really impact me at all. It was just a really good action flick that I enjoyed simply because it got my husband and I to spend some quality time together without Judah. Those types of nights are more scarce than a good movie.

As for everything else that has happened since last post, things are going well all around. We got our new carpet installed. HOORAY! Ricky and I are both excited about that. We agree that it feels as though we live in a whole new house. It's lightened up in here tremendously, and it feels cleaner. Although that can be hard to judge since we still have stuff everywhere. Everything is moved from one room to the other, and then back again, so I am basically starting my spring cleaning. Everything has to be sorted through, and then put back in its place. It feels like we just moved in or something. But it is most definitely worth it.

And good news on top of that, Ricky and I bought a new mattress! This is also something that has been much needed since we have been married. Seriously, I have complained about that bed since I moved in 2 years ago. The first few nights on it have been wonderful. I don't have to toss and turn until I get comfortable. You just lay down and sink in, and I don't ever remember anything after that.

The most important news of all is that Pat and Kaylarie had their baby. YAY! We are all so happy for them and know that they will be AMAZING parents. You can see pics HERE. Congratulations Pat and Kayla!!!

Now I have to get back to reorganizing my house.

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