Thursday, May 14, 2009

So Ricky wants me to blog more. I am trying to! I really am!

Here's on my agenda today. I went to Border's with Judah and we sat and read a few kids books. It was fun. I got a latte and Judah got some cognitive stimulation. Hehe. I have found myself looking for anything to get me out of the house. This bloody rain has got me down in the dumps as usual, and my house keeps mocking me with all the things that I am NOT getting done. I finally said "forget this!" and stormed to the mall.

That'll show it.

Although I am back home now, so I have to get around to do it sometime. I have been doing just one room at a time. First was Judah's room, which is almost finished. Just a few more things moved OUT, which I can't finish for the time being because he is sleeping in there. Next is the living room. That will most likely take the longest. Most of what is out there needs to be sorted through before it is brought back into the office. It will most likely take me into next week, unless by some bizarre collapse of the space-time continuum, Ricky helps me out with it tonight instead of watching "The Wrath of Khan." (Yes, we really rented that.)

Also on the TO-DO list, is to organize some kind of entertainment for tomorrow night's BBQ for the Edge childcare. That'll take some research for sure. Not sure what I can actually pull together in one day. We'll see.

On a more deep, thoughtful note, I have been convicted this last day or two about some things that I said about Casey Treat. Ricky and I saw him and his son in the movie theatre, and I had a bad attitude about it and said some things that I was unqualified to say, and they were basically very ignorant remarks. So I am thinking about visiting Christian Faith Center some Sunday. Not looking forward to it, but I feel that I should.

I have to talk to the hubby about it though. I have a feeling that he won't be very excited either.


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