Monday, May 4, 2009


What have I done?!

I have made a HUGE mistake. Darn my bleeding heart strings!

It all started with good will. Good will and a desire to help the poor little squirrels who live in our backyard. I had no nuts to give Maxwell, so I set out some catfood just to see if he'd like it. The next day, the food was gone. Hmmmm. Was it the squirrels? or the cats? So I set some more out to keep an eye on. Here comes a cat that I have only seen one other time and begins to eat the bowl of food. She was skittish though, and wouldn't let me pet her. Then... the next day she came to our back door and cried and cried and cried. I let her in and gave her some more food. She warmed up and I found that she was actually a very nice loving cat.

The problem came when she would not leave, and cried outside of our door, and bedroom window until 3 in the morning, at which point I finally let her in again just so that she would shut up! This prompted her to jump onto our bed, and sleep the rest of the night between Ricky and I. *sigh*

All day yesterday we kept her outside. We thought that she'd find her way back home. We're sure that she must have a home because she is very domestic, whereas she loves people, and she does not seem to be starving, and she is clean. If she was a stray, she would most likely not be as firendly, and would be more mangy. She has just decided that she likes our house and our brand of cat food, so I suppose she wants to stay here. Even now as I sit here and type, she is on our couch stretched out, fast asleep.

This is all my fault. Now we have to try and find the owners, maybe call the pound, and all the hassles that go along with this. That's the last time I'm even letting a strange cat into our house!


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