Saturday, April 11, 2009


lI was rereading over some old posts, and I came across my lists of resolutions. I have been doing really good, so I am posting them again.

1) Start working out again.
This is everyone's resolution, but I still have 5 pounds hanging around from the pregnancy. It shouldn't be too hard to get rid of, although it's not my weight that I am that worried about. It's more my energy levels and concentration (or lack thereof). When I was working out I had a lot more of both. I lost that5 pounds, but not from working out. It melted off really easily after I quit breastfeeding. I have been taking more regular walks with Judah, which is good for being less sedintary. I hope to join a gym sometime during the summer.
2) Complete a 7 day fast.
This is also for health reasons. Fasting is really good for you because it detoxes your body and gets rid of bad cells in your body. I am hoping to start fresh. My body deserves it after the trauma it's been through. Although 7 days will be really REALLY hard. I tried this, and failed. But I look forward to trying again. I was doing ok, but I got so weak that I couldn't take care of Judah. I'll try again in the summer when maybe my mom can take the kid for a few days.
3) Create a more disciplined day.
I got up not long after the hubby goes to work, but somehow I still can't get anything done around the house. Errands are an all day event too. Even though the baby takes hour and half naps, nothing gets done during that time. I swear I am not watching TV or anything! Where does the time go?!?! I have been getting up earlier and getting more done. I can do more things in a day. Our house is still a mess until we get new carpet, so you can't tell how much I am getting done. But I feel more productive, which is what's important.
4) Dye my hair.
This I have wanted to do for YEARS but have never actually done it. I have the date set for April 23rd. So technically it's not done, but HOORAY it soon will be.
5) Wear skirts more often.
This one is for you, Ricky. I'll try to be more feminine. :) I feel I have been doing a good job of this. I have been curling my hair, and wearing dresses/skirts. I even painted my nails a few times!

So good job me. I have been doing alright on my resolutions.


Amanda said...

Congrats on being more feminine! I applaud you in curling your hair and the skirts!! I can never curl my hair the right Its a talent for sure!

Amanda said...

Oh and Yes I am in town! For three wonderful weeks. I am not sure if you or Ricky go to the young adult group at your church on Monday nights, But my friend wanted to try it out, so we should be there Monday.

We need to get together, I hope to see you soon!

Rosemary Ochs said...

Ricky and I lead that group! Can't wait to see you there!