Monday, April 13, 2009

I hope that you all had a happy Easter. Whether it was filled with candy eggs, food, family, church, or all of the above, I have happy wishes for you.

Ricky was doing a "special" at church, so he had to be there early. I also went to early service for the first time because I had to be back in order to cook some biscuits and casserole for Easter. After church, we went to my parents house for our annual Easter celebration. Strangely enough, Ricky's family doesn't do anything for Easter! (Don't worry, I have already let him know that this is exceedingly strange.) The rest of the afternoon was spent eating and catching up with the fam. The biggest highlight of which, was the tri tip that my dad cooked, which Ricky and I, after 3 weeks, were able to partake of. Mmmmm.... so good. I am salivating just thinking about it.

So anyway, family get togethers are getting more and more interesting. Now we have Harvey and Liz, with Conner, and David and Janine, with Liliana, and Ricky and I, with Judah. 3 babies!? When 2 years ago there were none. Kinda trippy. And David and Janine announced that they are pregnant again! That's exciting. The best part is that all the cousins will be so close in age. We can already see them all having a grand ol' time at family gatherings, entertaining all of us. And at Christmas, Judah and Conner will both be walking and talking.


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Kari said...

Glen's family doesn't do anything for Easter either! It's really rather odd...