Thursday, April 30, 2009

Catching up.

It has been the most difficult chore trying to keep my blog updated this month. Even on Saturday, I can't update because my boss called everyone out on their internet usage. It has just been busy these last few weeks. Any chance I get to sit down and post an entry, something always seems to come up. My grandma calls, or the doctor calls, or Judah wakes up early, or I have an appointment, or I realize that I should stop putting off that full sink of dishes. Always something...

But just to fill in the last week or two. I have been out on walks and such a lot more often because the weather has improved so much, which has greatly improved my attitude towards life overall. Some more important developments are the leadership transition in our young adults group. It has been a long time coming, and it has finally arrived. The youth leaders are going to take on The Edge as well. Mark and Lori have stepped down and are now on the look out for the next thing that God has for them. We are happy for them, but also sad to see them go. The leadership team knows that this transition will bring about good change. We had the "passing of the torch" service this last Monday, and we had a lot of preparation beforehand. I had to create an entire scrapbook in about 6 hours! I'm not sure how I did it, but I got it done. We had a little party afterwards as well which was fun, and this coming Monday will be the first without the Koppang's.

Also on the forefront of my mind is my current job situation. I have been working Saturdays for almost 8 months now, and Ravi (my boss) called to ask if I would work in the Fife branch for 2 to 3 months while Janelle is out on maternity leave. At first I thought it would be a good thing, but then realized as the conversation went on, that this would not be something in my family's best interest. He was not really able to offer part time options, which would mean finding a day care within the next week that would take Judah full time. After talking with only 2 or 3 places, I found that that would be harder to accomplish than it sounds. Not only that, but it's in frickin' Fife! It's about a half an hour drive from my home... without any traffic. But even above all of that, this is one of the worst possible times for me to give up being at home with Judah. He's over nine months now, and I have been working with him daily teaching him to crawl and walk. I would never be able to forgive myself if I missed this crucial time as he grows up.

Although it's not all bad. Neither Ricky or I are completely against doing a day care. We both think it would do him some good to get some more social interaction. All he gets is a few hours a week with church stuff. We feel that the more he learns to interact with other children, and learn from them, the better. I was totally against day care for a long time, but lately, we are slowly changing our minds in the other direction. We can see the benefits of it. It just feels that it's not the right time yet.

I had to tell my boss, thanks, but no thanks. I may still be considered for part time during the summer to cover for Anne (due July 10th) in Seattle, but until then, I'm going to stay home with Judah. He'll only be learning to crawl once, and we the parents will be here for him.

Other highlights includes, well, highlights. I finally dyed my hair! It's mostly dark dark brown, with bright red streaks on the top, and in my bangs. It looks pretty cool, and Ricky liked it too. So that's one thing I can cross off my list of "To Dos Before I Die." Congratulations to me. Ricky and I are going to a marriage conference this weekend, which we are looking forward to... right, Ricky? And I have a lot of work to do cleaning out closets etc, to prepare for our carpet being installed next week. Yay!

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