Monday, April 6, 2009

3 cheers for Spring!

Hip hip HOORAY!

It took long enough for crying out loud! Winter had it's death grip around our throats, but Spring finally broke through to save the day. We may have some reason to be mad at Spring for not making its appearance sooner, thereby forcing us all to slowly die a suffocating death of dreariness. But now that its here, it's so hard to be mad at it.

Options are finally opening up! I can go for a walk (almost) whenever I want. No more planning and working around schedules for the 1 hour of sunshine that we might get. No more sitting around the house wishing I could be outside. No more trying to carry and baby, and a bag of groceries, and an umbrella through the parking lot. No more long sleeves underneath my winter jacket. No more ridiculous heating bills. No more cold shock when I go to take out the garbage.


I love spring, because it lifts me out of my depressed funk that I get into during the cold rainy months. I am looking forward to summer.

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Amanda said...

Hurray for spring! This sunny weather is wonderful!