Thursday, March 26, 2009


So this is my in-a-really-strange-funny-mood post. I just got finished looking through all the new posts on the FailBlog, and now, another favorite, PictureIsUnrelated. I put a link in the side toolbar, so you should DEFINITELY check that out. And now I am searching through a bunch of old funny crazy music that I used to listen to back in the day. I am having a little too much fun with that, and the only people that would understand me right now, are my brothers.

Hey bros, here are just a few samples of what I am listening to tonight:

Albuquerque - Weird Al Yankovic, and basically that entire album we listened to over and over again Highlights: Yoda, Horoscope, Jerry Springer, Grapefruit Diet, etc.
Hamster Dance
Bye Bye Bye
Aaron's Party! (Come and get it) - no, I did NOT used to jump on the coffee table singing this at the top of my lungs
Blue (Da Ba De)
I Want It That Way
Mambo #5

Whew. What has gotten into me. I think that my husband is seriously questioning my mental state right now. If only my brothers were here... They would be able to help me dive deeper into the deep recesses of my brain and remind me of even more ridiculous music.


Jonny said...

Don't forget the Meh Numana song, Teenage Dirtbag, all your Plus 1 stuff, and the titanic song. Also running around the pool table to the Star Wars soundtrack. So many good memories.

-Your Older Brother

Amanda said...

awwww those are all great songs. lol

Anonymous said...

I don't think your crazy. Just in a very deep reminiscent state. yes i did spell remaniscent but you know what i mean. But returning to fond memories is totally cool and ricky thinks your crazy cuz he is jealous that you had fun while he built computers=] luv ya rick

-Your younger and more rad brother