Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm.... so... BORED!

I can't stand how bored I am, and it's even more aggravating that this is how I have to spend every single Saturday. I really should look into finding a new job. The owner here may love me and not want me to leave, but if he's this bad about actually taking advantage of when I am here, then I may as well not be here at all. My job is to sit here for 5 hours. I have no work to do. Just sitting here.


So, in order to avoid blogging about the same thing that I do every Saturday (i.e. how bored I am) I heard something fascinating on the radio this morning on the way to work. In Ezekiel 38 and 39, it talks about Israel being attacked and hated because of it's great wealth. Just recently, within the last few months (not covered by CNN), Israel found a massive reserve of natural gas off the coast of Haifa. According to the article, this will significantly diminish, if not completely eliminate it's need for importing fuels from surrounding countries. On the radio, the topic was more towards the US involvement with Russia's increasingly friendly ties with Iran, but just thinking on my own here... If Israel is about to become energy interdependent during the world economic downturn, who do you think everyone is going to hate? They'll be paying their bills and becoming even MORE prosperous, while the rest of the world, and particularly outlying countries, will be floundering and battling possible civil unrest. They already have the more technologically advanced military in the world as well. It's no doubt that someone will try try to stop them in the name of "equality" or something equally stupid.

These are scary times, and I hope we are ready for them.

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