Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have begun Judah's baby book and it is coming along really well! I am very excited about it and ran to Micheal's yesterday for some more supplies. Even Ricky approved!

On the down side, I have been neglecting some of the house work because I am using my spare time to do that. I was in the middle of a few projects too! Geez. I just remembered that I am cleaning out our closets and such for some pre-spring cleaning. I have stuff everywhere, and I am sorting out the stuff we don't need to go to good will. I really should finish that... but the baby book is looking so good!

It will be a lot of fun to go through it when Judah brings home his first girlfriend and I can totally embarrass him! Funny that I look forward to being cruel. Hehe.

On a separate topic, I went to go see my Aunt Liz a few days ago. I haven't seen her and Conner since Christmas! We both feel bad about it. I go shopping every week just a few blocks from their house, and we are both home all day, yet we never see each other. We are going to make an effort to fix that. Conner is doing very well, and is just about the same size as Judah. They are 11 weeks apart. Conner and Judah were very intrigued with each other, and Conner smiled at him a lot. He is so cute! And so is Conner... :)

I look forward to them growing up together.


Ricky said...

You should get some pictures of them together.

Amanda said...

Awwww I have heard that he is so cute, I think its so great that they are close in age. : )