Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Almost 7 months!

So my dear sweet little Judahman. He's getting so big, and so is his personality (which is not always a good thing.) His talking is getting so good, and he's pronouncing a lot more sounds. We've taught him how to reach when he wants something or wants up. He is also learning what "no" means pretty well. He has just recently become conscious of strangers, so when people come up in the grocery store or at church, he's not always ready to give them a big smile. His new favorite thing is bouncing. On your lap, in the shopping cart, on the ground, anywhere! If you sing to him, or he hears music, he'll start dancing away. He LOVES music, just like his parents. He also has taken a liking to our two kitties. He talks to them as they walk by, and is getting good at grabbing a handful of fur... working on that.

Most of his clothes are 12 months by now. I'm tired of him only fitting into clothes for 2 months at a time, so I buy all his clothes big. He is sitting up completely on his own now. That is a relief, because it makes it much easier to have him play on his own. Before I had to put pillows around, and if he fell over (which was a lot) then he would cry and I would have to go help him ever 3 minutes. That means I can get more chores done.

He got his first haircut a few days ago. I just trimmed some of the top baby hairs off. He only has the one patch of hair on the top of his head. Someday, when all his hair comes in, he'll get a REAL first haircut. But for now, he is so handsome. We are so proud of him.

Here is his first naked baby picture (discluding delivery) in which we can see that he has his father's butt, just miniature. And once again, he loves the kitties, and the kitties love... his crib.


Ricky said...

I haven't seen that pic with him in the crib with Bailey, smiling away. That's cute.

Rosemary Ochs said...

Well, I usually set him in there to get Bailey to move, but Judah just enjoyed it too much. I had to run for the camera.

You made a cute kid.