Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have begun Judah's baby book and it is coming along really well! I am very excited about it and ran to Micheal's yesterday for some more supplies. Even Ricky approved!

On the down side, I have been neglecting some of the house work because I am using my spare time to do that. I was in the middle of a few projects too! Geez. I just remembered that I am cleaning out our closets and such for some pre-spring cleaning. I have stuff everywhere, and I am sorting out the stuff we don't need to go to good will. I really should finish that... but the baby book is looking so good!

It will be a lot of fun to go through it when Judah brings home his first girlfriend and I can totally embarrass him! Funny that I look forward to being cruel. Hehe.

On a separate topic, I went to go see my Aunt Liz a few days ago. I haven't seen her and Conner since Christmas! We both feel bad about it. I go shopping every week just a few blocks from their house, and we are both home all day, yet we never see each other. We are going to make an effort to fix that. Conner is doing very well, and is just about the same size as Judah. They are 11 weeks apart. Conner and Judah were very intrigued with each other, and Conner smiled at him a lot. He is so cute! And so is Conner... :)

I look forward to them growing up together.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

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Happy Saturday

Here is my Saturday post, as expected.

The day got off to a rough start. Ricky is going to the gun show at the Puyallup fair grounds with my dad today, but he could hardly get out of bed. His vertigo was out of whack, so he got really dizzy anytime he moved even a little. Eek! That's not good, especially since he needs to take care of Judah for another hour or so until my dad shows.

I also had trouble getting out of bed just because I am lazy. My eyes were swollen shut the entire morning and my eyes couldn't focus. On top of that, I had to do a bunch of things for Judah since daddy could barely walk. So I lost a bunch of time, while helping Ricky. I am not complaining about it or anything, because I am happy to do it. But then I ran out of time and couldn't get my weekly espresso. That may seem dumb, but I have come to cherish it.

I have nothing to look forward to for the rest of the day either. No one cool is working today that I can talk to, so I'll just be sitting for 5 hours. After work, Ricky and I have some family in town that we have to go see. Not that I am dreading it either, just not super excited is all. And then we'll head to the in laws for some poker most likely (which I do dread).

The highlights of the day are Italian food for dinner, the sun is out, which always lifts my spirits, even if it's still only 40 degrees out. I am looking forward to the spring and summer with great anticipation. My work now closes at 2pm instead of 3pm, so I get an extra hour in my Saturday, and I went and ended up getting some coffee after all.

Things are looking up. :)

Friday, February 20, 2009


Tonight I am going to the Taproot theatre with my parents and grandma. It's last minute, but an amusing story. My grandma called me a few days ago letting me know that she was sick and didn't know if she would be able to go. She thought I may want to go in her place. I told her I would love too, but hopefully wouldn't have too in hopes she would be better before then. Well, she calls me up and says she is, in fact, feeling better, but was looking for another ticket for me. I told her thank you, but she didn't have to go out of her way to get a ticket for me. I figure she must have felt bad that she wasn't sick?

I'm not sure, but she got a ticket for me, so it should be a lot of fun. Ricky will get some time with Judah since he won't tomorrow. Ricky watches Judah on Saturdays when I am at work, but the next 2 Saturdays are full for him. I feel like he doesn't see him much anymore. He gets home and Judah is napping, or about to go down for another nap. Then he eats and goes to bed, so Ricky only sees him for maybe an hour at most.

That's fine I guess, since he doesn't really like watching him anyway. He only likes to hang out with him when he's happy/doesn't need attention of some sort. Not to mention that most guys lack creativity with infants. Playing is fun, but feeding, changing, you can forget it. Ricky will tend to just hold Judah in his lap and try to play a video game (despite me repeatedly asking him to keep him away from the television), and when he gets irritable, he'll try to make him laugh instead of letting him play on the ground or in his playpen. So funny how that works, seeing as how Ricky usually can't pick up his dishes because he's "holding Judah," but can somehow manage to play a video game at the same time. I shouldn't be hard on him about it though, because he's been working on it. I can tell.

So once again, I am here at home, waiting for the hubby to get home so that my headache might go away. Unfortunately, he doesn't want the kid as soon as he gets home either. We both kinda hit our walls at 5, and then I'm tired of being with baby all day, and want to pass him off, but Ricky just got home, so he wants to just chill for a bit too.

It's really frustrating for me, because I, being the mom, don't really get the opportunity to "get away" ever. Even on Saturdays, I'm working. The next 3 Saturdays for Ricky are full of fun things that I wish I could do. I take care of a kid all day, then dad gets home, and I want him to be happy, so I take care of a kid. It's a patience thing I'm learning *trying to find the bright side* and I'm sure I'll get better at it. My nervous habits are coming back, so I know I am kinda stressed. My back is all tweaked, I'm having reoccurring headaches, I'm biting my cheeks, and my nails again. Hopefully tonight I'll get to relax a little.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Almost 7 months!

So my dear sweet little Judahman. He's getting so big, and so is his personality (which is not always a good thing.) His talking is getting so good, and he's pronouncing a lot more sounds. We've taught him how to reach when he wants something or wants up. He is also learning what "no" means pretty well. He has just recently become conscious of strangers, so when people come up in the grocery store or at church, he's not always ready to give them a big smile. His new favorite thing is bouncing. On your lap, in the shopping cart, on the ground, anywhere! If you sing to him, or he hears music, he'll start dancing away. He LOVES music, just like his parents. He also has taken a liking to our two kitties. He talks to them as they walk by, and is getting good at grabbing a handful of fur... working on that.

Most of his clothes are 12 months by now. I'm tired of him only fitting into clothes for 2 months at a time, so I buy all his clothes big. He is sitting up completely on his own now. That is a relief, because it makes it much easier to have him play on his own. Before I had to put pillows around, and if he fell over (which was a lot) then he would cry and I would have to go help him ever 3 minutes. That means I can get more chores done.

He got his first haircut a few days ago. I just trimmed some of the top baby hairs off. He only has the one patch of hair on the top of his head. Someday, when all his hair comes in, he'll get a REAL first haircut. But for now, he is so handsome. We are so proud of him.

Here is his first naked baby picture (discluding delivery) in which we can see that he has his father's butt, just miniature. And once again, he loves the kitties, and the kitties love... his crib.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

By the way, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

The hubby and I have absolutely ZERO plans, and I am ok with that. I hope all the rest of you also get your dream date.

What Men Do When We're Away

So last week, Ricky had Daniel over to hang out for a bit. A few funny things happened and I couldn't help but laugh and think what guys would do without us girls around.

It all started out fine. They were playing some Nazi Zombies, while I was scrapbooking and taking care of Judah. I had to run out and get some baby food, so I loaded up the kid. I asked Ricky if he wanted me to make them dinner before I left, or if he wanted to just throw in a frozen pizza. He opted for the pizza, so I left with the baby.

When I came back, the guys told me they left a few slices for me, but they weren't fully cooked. "Why didn't you cook it longer?" I asked. First, they just looked at me like that was a brilliant idea, which I then preceded to go cook it longer. I entered the kitchen and saw the pizza on the pizza stone, with the cardboard still underneath...

Who cooks a pizza with the cardboard?! No wonder it didn't cook right, and the guys must have eaten several pieces of cardboard with their pizza... gross. I took off the cardboard and cooked my 2 slices, laughing the whole time.

Then the guys decided that they wanted some cookies. I have a big bucket of cookie dough from Costco, and all they have to do is scoop it onto the cookie sheet, and set a timer. Now, there they are in the kitchen while I am feeding Judah. First question comes, "How do we get it out of the bucket?" There are several solutions to this problem, but I wouldn't think they would ask since Ricky is an engineer and Daniel also does a lot of construction type stuff around his house, and does electronic installations of some sort. Don't you think the both of them could put their heads together to find a way to scoop the cookie dough onto the cookie sheet? Nope. "Use the ice cream scoop," I offer. No, he wants to use a spoon. "No, don't use a spoon because it will bend. Use the ice cream scoop or your hands," I add. Well, the ice cream scoop was dirty, so they use their hands. Then they wanted to make a few large ones and some other small ones. I gently tell them that the cooking times will vary if they don't make them all the same size. They didn't know that, of course, because it's their wives that always make the cookies. Then Daniel stands at the stove to preheat the oven, presses a bunch of buttons randomly, asking "How do you work an oven?"

Once they pull the cookies out of the oven, I let them know that the cookies have to cool down first, or else they won't fully cook. This is also something they wouldn't know because their wives always make the cookies. Once they pull them out they are complaining they don't look done. "that's because they need to cool," I reiterate. So they pull the cookies out, and remove them from the cookie sheet, which is what is needed for the cookies to finish cooking. And obviously, they are falling apart so they are no longer shaped like cookies, and so they try to eat them in haste and burn their tongues because it's too hot. All the while, I am watching from a distance, thinking how much less entertaining the night would be if they had even the slightest clue what they were doing. Of course, after a series of unfortunate events, they didn't even bother to leave a cookie for me, the poor wife who has been feeding, cleaning, and entertaining the baby the entire time.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Can't live with 'em. Can't live without 'em

I had a very insightful conversation with a customer at work today. It really got me thinking about how hard it can be to deal with women. Despite the last blog entry, I wanted to stick it out there for the guys and chastise all those high maintenance women.

Now, in my defense, I work very hard to not fit into that "woman" mold. I try to acknowledge when I am being irrational or emotional, and I give my hubby the benefit of a doubt several times a day, rather than confronting him about every questionable facial expression. I accept honesty as love, and not an attack. I'm sure it has helped keep a lot of strain out of our marriage, especially now that we have a kid. However, I know the poor guy does the same for my woman-ness.

Some things are superficial, like ignoring the blow dryer in the morning, or never complaining about my long hair always clogging the drain, but some things are deeper, and the poor hubby/male can really take an internal beating to maintain his composer when dealing with a hormonally charged woman.

My husband has proven the true test of patience when it comes to the "waiting for the woman" ritual. Somehow, I can always manage to get to work on time, but that's because I don't have to try hard to look nice when I am going to work. For every other outing, Ricky has to schedule 10 minutes of leeway... because I will use it. I usually try harder to look nice on a Sunday morning before church. I suddenly decide that I need to reshape my eyebrows, or curl my hair, or change into nicer clothes. No matter what, I cannot seem to get out of the door on time. I try to, I really do, and I fail, and the husband is always stuck trying to not get angry about it. Poor guy.

What about a pregnant female? *gets on soapbox* I firmly believe that a female should never be allowed to be a *&%$* or demand whatever she wants just because she's on her period or pregnant (aka hormonally charged). You still need to treat people with respect and dignity regardless of how you happen to be feeling that day. *gets off soapbox* But fast forward to when the baby bump becomes a mountain. A girl can't help but cry about nothing and everything at the same time. She wants to not be pregnant, and she's not getting good sleep, and she's in a constant state of being uncomfortable, and she's about to be a mom for the rest of her life. Now the poor husband, he's at work all day trying to support his family, and his boss is a total moron, and he's working extra hours using super intense mental power, and yet he comes home and is expected to take care of his pregnant wife and paint the baby room. When he's not up to par, he is accused of not being understanding, or worse. Poor guy.

We hear all the time "It's not what you say, it's how you say it." Somehow, for the husband, there's no winning some battles. This is one thing that I really try not to do, but I do fail from time to time, as Ricky will vouch for. I can ask him about my outfit, but if I have already decided that I don't like it, I may as well not have asked him. He will, of course, tell you that you look splendid, but you don't believe him. Therefore, he must be either lying to you, or has terrible taste and is completely useless. There's no winning for him. Poor guy. Or what about the classic, give-him-a-choice-and-then-don't-listen trap. You give him a choice like, "Should I wear heels or flats?" or "Do you want tacos or stir-fry for dinner?" but you have already made the decision. You want him to make the same decision you have by expecting him to read your mind. Unfortunately, he can't read your mind, so the conversation ends with, "But these pants are too long to wear flats," or "But stir fry is so much faster," and you are frustrated that he just doesn't understand you. There's no way for him to win. Poor guy.

These are just a few examples of woman-ness in it's never ending battle with testosterone. A man's mind is so much simpler. Girls, be glad that your intellect is just too large for a guy to wrap his mind around, and guys, I'm just sorry.

Yet somehow they love their woman and always support them, which also leads to the conclusion that their intelligence is lacking, because I wouldn't deal with that crap.

Poor guy.