Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year

Ah. The beginning of the year, and time for new resolutions that will never actually happen. I have quite a lot to fill in from the last 2 weeks.

First of all, Ricky and I were pretty busy for the rest of our (his) vacation. I know I said that we were going to be able to do whatever we wanted, but it didn't quite happen that way. We felt like it was more of an extended weekend rather than a vacation. Since both of my brothers were in town for the holidays and vacation, they were over at our house almost everyday playing Nazi zombies. It was fun, and we got out to eat and go to the mall a few times too. Jonathan ended up having to go back to Alabama early unfortunately, but it was great to see him for a longer time than a few days. Luke is back at school now, so we miss him too.

Ricky made me go shopping with my shopping spree Christmas gift. I got a lot of great stuff, so I am feeling better about the area of my life. Funny thing was that Ricky ended up spending more than I did. Hehe. He bought some new shoes and a very expensive pair of jeans. He needed both items though. We also went over to my grandma's house twice for a dinner with family. We were doing something every single day until Ricky got back to work. Now things seem to be back to normal, well, except for a few things.

Judah's 2 bottom teeth have finally made their grand entry into the world. Thank God. He is still chewing on everything relentlessly, but at least he should be less fussy now. My little baby is growing up. *sniff* I have been waiting on this, however, to officially start him on solid foods. He's had some here and there, and he loves it, but I have not been in a rush to start him on solids. He's getting so big so fast, and he'll be walking, and then asking for the keys to the car before I know it.

My resolutions this year:

1) Start working out again.
This is everyone's resolution, but I still have 5 pounds hanging around from the pregnancy. It shouldn't be too hard to get rid of, although it's not my weight that I am that worried about. It's more my energy levels and concentration (or lack thereof). When I was working out I had a lot more of both.
2) Complete a 7 day fast.
This is also for health reasons. Fasting is really good for you because it detoxes your body and gets rid of bad cells in your body. I am hoping to start fresh. My body deserves it after the trauma it's been through. Although 7 days will be really REALLY hard.
3) Create a more disciplined day.
I got up not long after the hubby goes to work, but somehow I still can't get anything done around the house. Errands are an all day event too. Even though the baby takes hour and half naps, nothing gets done during that time. I swear I am not watching TV or anything! Where does the time go?!?!
4) Dye my hair.
This I have wanted to do for YEARS but have never actually done it.
5) Wear skirts more often.
This one is for you, Ricky. I'll try to be more feminine. :)


Ricky said...

Wow, that's a good list of resolutions.

I haven't really made or done any. I guess I kind of resolved to working harder at work though, mostly because I had not much to do for the past month or so and felt lazy and my work ethic punished me emotionally for it.

For your last resolution: is it to wear skirts more, or to be more feminine? because I find those are two different things- but related.

Rosemary Ochs said...

Which would you prefer it to be?

Ricky said...

probably more feminine overall. Skirts play a part, but it includes overall dress, hair, makeup, owning a dress, (you know, one that you can actually wear) and so on. :) Love you hun. be home soon.

Rosemary Ochs said...

I am keeping my resolution the way it was.

I resolve to wear skirts more often.

Kat said...

Great resolutions! I don't do resolutions anymore. James and I do goals frequently though.